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Wood Flooring Ideas That Will Redefine Your Drawing Room

by UrgentRCM

Drawing room of your house is an area which showcases or more appropriately represents your home. It is the room where your guests are usually seated. Therefore, you must ensure that this room should not be the same as all other rooms of your house. There are a few things which you must keep in mind before getting the interiors of this room done. The foot traffic that the room might have to endure, the sunlight that the room receives, the cleaning- how often can that be done, etc must be kept in mind. The flooring therefore must be done according to these things.

If you are someone interested in wood flooring then definitely this article is for you. Since drawing room is quite different from all the other rooms of your house, it calls for extra attention and planning. Here in the subsequent paragraphs, we will be talking about what are the various trending designs and innovations that can completely transform your entire home. These days both hardwood and engineered wood floorings are available and according to your choice and ease, you can go for a certain choice. The major difference between the two is that although the hardwood flooring is more luxurious, it is prone to damage and decay with time while, the engineered wood flooring is made by keeping in mind the longevity of the hardwood, therefore it stays beautiful for longer years and therefore is the more preferred one in areas which are for sure going to ace heavy traffic.
So, let’s get started and explore the various options that we have curated for your dreamy drawing room.

Classic Hardwood Elegance

Radiating elegance and luxury, the hardwood has been the favourite of masses for a long time now. There are a few houses where the guesting is an occasion and not many people come and go. For those houses, classic hardwood flooring such as oak flooring, maple wood flooring, etc are considered to be the best choice. These are available in different woods and according to your choice, you can go for the light and dark coloured woods. Durability, versatility and elegance is all you can get from this flooring compiled in one.

Chevron Patterns for Contemporary Flair

If you are someone not much interested in the hardwood flooring, then this chevron patterns are the best choice for you. This flooring has been designed by keeping in mind the contemporary flair of the modern homes. The angular designs of this flooring create a dynamic focal point in the room which gives a very unique and modern look. You can easily pair this flooring with some modern and minimalist décor and furniture and you will have a dreamy and classic room ready to entertain your guests.

Patterned Wood for Custom Elegance

Patterned wood is the best option if you are someone who wants to provide a different look to your overall room. The patterned wood is something which has designs and patterns made on it and they are to be fixed on the floor according to the patterns made. The oak herringbone flooring is an example of such flooring. It has herringbone fish pattern made on it. This ensures that the room in which the flooring is installed looks airy and huge due to the illusion created by this flooring.

Painted Wood for Playful Sophistication

Want a pop and dynamic drawing room for your guests? Go for the painted wood sophistication and they will definitely add colours to your life. The painted wood is available in almost every shade that you can think of. All you have to do is choose the décor first and then according to the décor of your room, go for the flooring. Be it the soft pastel colours of peach, pink and mauve or the darker tones of blue, yellow and red, all the colours are available and they will just give your room a funky and more contemporary look.

Summing Up
There are various kinds of wood floorings available these days as discussed above. You can buy them easily either online or offline. In case you want to buy them online, visit the website, place the order and rest assured as they will get delivered to your doorsteps in a couple of days.

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