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Wood Flooring Conundrums Explained for an Easy Home Makeover

by UrgentRCM

Interior designing is no more that easy process these days. Today, people go for extensive research before getting something installed in order to make sure that the item is rare and beautiful and at the same time affordable and durable too. One such important thing in the world of interior designing is the flooring. These days, there are various kinds of flooring options available and wood flooring is one among them which is one of the trending flooring options.

Here in this article, we will be discussing what are the various things which everyone who gets the wood flooring installed must know. So, without any further delay, let’s get started and understand the nitty gritties of wood herringbone flooring.

The Species Dilemma

One of the most common problems which a person comes across when he/ she plans to get the wood flooring done is the species of the wood. Which species should you get installed in your house or any other building becomes a very important question. Therefore, consider the various aspects such as for how many years do you want the wood flooring to last? What kind of usage will the flooring undergo when installed? What is the colour of the adjoining walls of the room? Etc. These are a few questions you must sort out before deciding the species of the wood.

Hardwood vs. Engineered Wood

The hardwood and the engineered wood are quite different and usually people do not understand the difference between the two. The hardwood includes solid wood such as oak wood, maple wood, etc. These are just solid wood which are very natural which is a benefit but being natural, it is also prone to changing weather conditions and therefore may not last long. While the engineered wood flooring includes options such as oak engineered flooring, paraquet flooring, etc. These engineered floorings are not only beautiful but also strong and quite durable. They have a special protection layer which protects them from external damaged due to water spillage or prevailing weather conditions.

Installation Indecision

Choosing the right installation process is extremely important. There are various kinds of installation process available such as floating method, nail- down method or glue down method. Choose the right installation process depending on the kind of flooring that you have chosen. This will ensure that you have a long and durable flooring installed and you won’t need to reinvest in your house’s flooring in the next 20- years at least.

Warranty Issues

People often overlook the warranty when it comes to buying the flooring. They think that as promised the flooring will continue to be in the best condition as promised, in the years to come. But, there definitely are chances of failure and your flooring may get damaged due to a certain reason. Obviously, you would want to claim the warranty and if not paid attention while installation, this will become a huge problem in future and may burn a hole in your pocket.

Style vs. Functionality

Style and functionality, both are important and therefore, you must choose a flooring which strikes a perfect balance between the two. Aesthetics matter but functionality is very important as it determines how long your flooring will continue. Therefore, if you are getting the flooring installed in an area of heavy usage, make sure that you choose not only a beautiful but also a strong flooring which has the capacity to withstand the rough usage and is not prone to damage due to slight change in the weather conditions or slight spillage.

Summing Up
There are a number of things that you need to pay attention to when getting the wood flooring installed. We have listed a few of the concerns above. Along with this make sure that you buy the flooring from an authentic floor dealer or alternatively, you can go for the easier option, go for an online purchase. There are various companies in the UK selling the floorings and the best part is that they will get the flooring items delivered to your doorsteps within a couple of days.

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