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Specific Guidelines or Standards For Academic Assignments in UAE Universities

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In the UAE, not all universities adhere to uniform standards and guidelines for academic assignments. It is important for each university to have its own set of rules and requirements; therefore, students need to get acquainted with the particular guidance offered by a given institution. In most cases, universities in the United Arab Emirates follow international academic standards but may also adapt them to their particular educational setting. Such guidelines typically address formatting, citation styles (such as APA; MLA or Harvard), word limits, structure and plagiarism procedures

For the most reliable and up to date information, students are encouraged to consult their university’s official handbook of academic regulations or possibly guidelines from a faculty/department. Mostly students also go for University Assignment Help UAE. This type of compositions normally defines the criteria for academic papers so that students can write good quality work conforming to requirements established by their learning institution. However, if additional uncertainties or questions arise the students should seek clarification from their professors; academic advisors and other university resources.

General Guideline

The Board of Studies has put together the following general guidelines for writing tasks in bachelor and master’s programmers, such as written examination assignments and extensive written assignments. It is necessary that a student always uses references when citing direct quotes, paraphrasing or performing the direct translation in an assignment. This does not depend on the duration of either the exam or assignment size restrictions.

The goal is to create a concise and transparent policy on writing assignments that applies both for students and teachers/examiners. The guidelines have also been installed to prevent students from unwittingly breaching the AU plagiarism policy.

Communicating Clearly and Precisely

It is essential that you should be able to communicate concisely and effectively within the confines of your assignment, including in regards to formatting or organization of work based on accepted length limits for essay submissions. Failure to observe formalities such as limitations on length and other stated restrictions, render written submissions ineligible for evaluation.

Tables and Figures

Consecutive numbering is the requirement for tables and figures. They should be legible and comprehensible although it is possible to call for an explanatory note along with a reference if taken from elsewhere. The assignment text should involve analyses and interpretations of tables or figures.

Reference List

Except for written tests that are shorter than 24 hours, you need to add a reference list at the end of an assignment (before appendices) which would contain all sources cited in-text but include only those mentioned on the paper.

Literature citation has arrangement alphabetically, following the first author’s surname. Your layout of the reference list is completely optional. First of all, it should be listed in the name-year format (Harvard Referencing System), and your references must also include author(s) year title etc.

Referencing Tools

A referencing software will organize the sources, provide in-text references and produce a list of consistent entries. It will save you a lot of time at the end when to have to build your reference list. Second, you also know that your reference list is complete and has a uniform structure. Choose the referencing tool that you prefer most.


The tests are written in the language of instruction. Any discrepancy will be mentioned in the course description as well as regarding major independent written assignments.

Cheating and Plagiarism

Cheating during exams and plagiarism are actions that might result too many sanctions which include expulsion. If you plagiarize any parts of your assignment from other sources, it must clearly state it as quotes and there should be proper referencing.

Submission Guidelines

  • Understanding Submission Requirements

Follow submission guidelines carefully. Be mindful of deadlines, file formats and any additional instructions given by your teacher. These needs must be satisfied for efficient submission.

  • Deadlines and Formatting Requirements

Time management is key. Set up a work schedule that gives you enough time to do each stage of the project. Following the formatting requirements makes your submission seem professional.

Dealing with Assignment Stress

  • Time Management Strategies

Procrastination often leads to stress. Choose your assignment in tasks and create a feasible plan. It helps not only to relieve stress but also improve the quality of your work.

  • Seeking Help When Needed

Don’t hesitate to seek assistance. It does not end on clarifying assignment instructions, but you could contact professors, other students or even utilize support services and get useful feedback.

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