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Bubble Wrap: Perfect Protective Packaging Solution

by UrgentRCM

The bubble wrap was invented as an innovative wallpaper around five decades ago. It failed its purpose as wallpaper and later it was repurposed as a protective packaging solution. It has become the most popular packaging material and is being utilised by all types of industries.

What Packaging Purpose Bubble Wrap Solves? 

Bubble wrap is a protective packaging spider hoodie material that can be wrapped around any type of product to safeguard it in transit. It provides cushioning so that the item reaches the customer safely without any damage. Large and small bubble wrap rolls are available to wrap around any size of product. 

For small and lightweight products, small bubble wrap is the best solution while for fragile items large bubble wrap is ideal. This versatile material is also available as bubble pouches or bubble envelopes. These envelopes are easy to pack small and delicate products and come in a self-seal option. 

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Another type of bubble wrap available is anti-static bubble wrap. It is a popular packaging material mostly used in the electrical industry. Electrical items can easily be wrapped using anti static bubble wrap without producing any electrostatic charge. Once the products are wrapped using bubble rolls, they are packed in cardboard boxes. Any gaps left in the cardboard boxes can be filled using newspaper offcuts to make sure that the items do not get any space to move in transit. This way products will safely arrive at their final destination.

How Bubble Wrap is Constructed?

Bubble wrap is constructed using polyethylene material or plastic and it features equally spaced air pockets. These air pockets provide soft cushioning to the items packed using them and absorb shock during transportation. These air pockets make sure that the items are not damaged because of any unexpected bumps in transit.

To construct a bubble wrap, a polyethylene resin is used as tiny beads which are then melted down to create a very thin film. This film is first flattened and then it passes through rollers that have little holes in them. When the film passes through rollers, because of suction the film is pushed into the holes and air bubbles are created.

After the air bubbles have been blown, another layer of film is utilised to seal them. This way the air is trapped inside the bubble wrap. Finally, the bubble sheet is cut and perforated and then rolls are created.

What are the advantages of bubble wrap?

Below we are mentioning some of the advantages of this protective packaging material:

  1. This versatile material is easy to use. 
  2. It is lightweight so shipping products become affordable.
  3. It is a highly durable and strong material.
  4. It has insulation properties.
  5. Can be effortlessly cut in any size and can also be easily wrapped around products of any shape.
  6. It is recyclable and reusable. 
  7. Being a transparent material, the products wrapped within the bubble can easily be seen.
  8. It is a cost effective packaging solution.

Bubble rolls are not useful when sending polished products as there are high chances of small marks being left on the surface of the items. And it would be quite a big task to remove the marks. For such goods, it is recommended that you use foam packaging.

Is it possible to recycle bubble wrap?

Yes, it can be recycled and there are a few ways to do so. Just like other plastic materials, your local council can collect it. You can find details on the website of your local council. You can also try to find any recycling website online. You can also reuse the material if the air bubbles are intact. 

This protective material, whether in the form of large or small bubble wrap, is one of the most affordable packaging supplies. The packaging industry can’t do without this reliable cushioning material.

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