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Double Wall or Single Wall: Which Type Of Cardboard Boxes To Choose?

by UrgentRCM

Whether for shipping ecommerce products, office use or for moving, cardboard boxes are the most useful packaging materials. With the availability of two types of cardboard boxes, it becomes difficult to decide which one to use for your business. There are single wall and double wall boxes available on the market. Let’s understand the difference between the two so that it becomes easier for you to decide which types of boxes you should use for your products.

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

Single wall cardboard boxes, as the name suggests, are crafted from a single layer of corrugated cardboard. These boxes are structured in three layers- a corrugated liner in the middle placed between two outer recycled cardboard liners. Large letter boxes are example of single wall boxes. These single wall boxes are strong but not as robust as the double wall boxes.

How To Use Single Wall Boxes

These boxes are perfect for lightweight goods that are non fragile like books, clothes and other such items. They can be used by various ecommerce businesses and retail stores. Book wrap boxes are one usage of single wall boxes.

Benefits of Single Wall Boxes

  • Lightweight– They are lightweight and hence best for shipping goods. This also results in reduced transportation costs. Royal Mail large letter box being light in weight can be used to send your products to your customers.
  • Affordable– They are affordable and can be chosen by businesses if they want to decrease their packaging costs. They are lower in price as compared to the double wall containers due to their lower construction costs.

Globe Packaging offers premium quality packaging products at affordable prices. They stock Royal Mail large letter boxes, book wrap boxes, cardboard moving boxes and more.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double wall cardboard boxes as opposed to single wall boxes are constructed from two layers of corrugated cardboard sheets. These boxes are constructed of a total of five layers- at the centre is the inner liner, sandwiched between two corrugated sheets and two outer recycled liners. They are robust, durable, crush resistant and strong because of the extra layers.

How To Use Double Wall Boxes

These boxes can be used for fragile goods such as glassware, electronics, ceramics and other heavy weight or delicate goods. These strong boxes are ideal for shipping goods to long distances.

Benefits of Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Safety & Protection- They are robust and hence offer greater safety and protection to fragile and heavy goods. They provide better cushioning during shipping from any external impacts.

Easy Stacking- During storage and transportation, double wall boxes can be easily and safely stacked. They are strong, hence multiple boxes can be stacked securely. The layered structure cannot be easily crushed or damaged in transit.

How to select the perfect type of box for your needs?

Which type of box will be ideal for your requirements? When selecting the right type of cardboard box for your products, you need to consider the below mentioned points:

What’s the weight of your items?

Heavyweight items will require double wall boxes while for lightweight goods single wall cardboard boxes can be used.

Are your products fragile?

When you have to ship fragile and delicate goods, prefer using double wall cardboard boxes. They will provide proper protection.

What is your budget?

Double wall boxes can be purchased if your budget is high otherwise for lightweight goods, go with single wall boxes that are cheaper.

How much time it will take for shipping?

If the shipping distance is too long, the goods will take more time to reach the destination. In that case, you need durable double wall cardboard containers.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Cardboard boxes are great options for sustainable packaging materials. Both single and double wall cardboard containers are environmentally friendly. They are made of recycled materials and can be reused again. Being stronger the double wall cardboard boxes can be reused more times as compared to the single walled ones.

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