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What’s The Process For Levelling A Concrete Floor?

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What's The Process For Levelling A Concrete Floor?

Concrete flooring has gained popularity in recent times, thanks to the availability of new and stylish decoration options. From a practical perspective, many homeowners favour concrete for its durable qualities, making it an excellent choice for warehouse flooring. Concrete floors boast resistance against impact, abrasion, and wear. Additionally, their smooth surface is easy to clean, making them a top choice for hypoallergenic flooring. However, as concrete floors age, they tend to develop cracks and unevenness.

The unevenness may stem from the ground beneath the concrete or issues arising during installation. Regardless of the cause, uneven concrete poses a common challenge in Levelling concrete floor. But there’s always a solution and for this, the most common one professionals would suggest is floor screed.

How to Check Floor Level

Step 1

Place a carpenter’s level on the floor, choosing a size appropriate for the room. Examine the levelling bubble to identify uneven areas on the floor. Use chalk to mark these uneven spots. Adhering to the BS8203:2017 standards, SR1 surface regularity should not exceed 3mm over a 2m straightedge.

Step 2

Raise one end of the level until the bubble indicates an even position. Use a tape measure to determine the extent of the floor’s unevenness, and make a note of this measurement.

Step 3

Repeat these steps across the entire surface to ensure a comprehensive assessment of floor level.

When To Apply Leveling Compound

The decision to use floor screed on a concrete floor hinges on the extent of unevenness. Repeat the above-mentioned steps to see just how uneven the floor is. If the concrete floor is less than 5mm from the level, a self-levelling flooring compound can be utilised to rectify the surface.

Self-levelling screed compound is readily available at any DIY store or suppliers that provide ready mix or mix on site concrete.

What is a Self-Levelling Floor Screed?

A self-levelling floor-screeding compound typically incorporates latex because the compound is applied in a thin layer, and latex imparts the necessary flexibility to prevent cracking.

Once prepared, mixed, and poured, the compound spreads evenly over the uneven floor, “self-levelling” primarily through the force of gravity (with a bit of assistance, obviously).

Concrete Floor Leveling: Step-by-Step Guide

Clean the Floor and Remove Furniture

After you have removed all furniture and appliances. Use scraping tools, brushes, and a vacuum to eliminate any debris, so the floor is free from dirt and dust. Before proceeding, conduct a moisture test to determine the need for a moisture barrier.

Fill Large Flooring Cracks

For this step, use a concrete filler bottle. Seal any significant cracks in the subfloor thoroughly with filler. Allow sufficient time for the filler to dry before proceeding with the floor preparation.

Grind Down High Spots

Having identified and marked the uneven areas on the floor, focus on spots that are notably elevated. Utilise a concrete grinder to reduce the height of these high spots. If renting a grinder isn’t feasible, consider seeking assistance from a professional for this step. After completing the task, vacuum away all dust.

Apply Primer to the Floor

Evenly distribute concrete leveler primer across the floor using a soft-bristle broom or roller. Apply sufficient pressure to work the primer into the floor. To be more precise, apply a second coat in the opposite direction to cover any potentially missed areas.

Allow the Primer to Dry

The drying time for the primer can range from 3 to 24 hours, depending on the climate and the type of primer you have applied.

Mix The Floor Screed

Think of how you’d mix onsite concrete in small amounts. In a bucket, combine the concrete leveler from the bag with water following the instructions on the packet. The thickness of the floor leveling product may vary among brands. Thoroughly mix the compound with a drill-mounted mixing paddle until achieving a consistent texture. Keep in mind that there’s only a window of about 15 to 30 minutes before the concrete becomes unpourable, so it’s advisable to mix one batch at a time.

Spread the Leveling Compound

Use a long-handled squeegee to pour the mix onto the floor and distribute it evenly, so it reaches the corners and edges. Alternatively, you can use a spiked roller for this task.

Allow the mixture to Dry

The drying duration for the leveling compound varies, typically spanning from another 4 to 24 hours. But it’s contingent upon factors like climate and the specific compound utilised. Additionally, the type of flooring being installed can influence drying time. Always refer to the instructions that came with the floor screed and the flooring installation manual for accurate guidance.

Seal the Floor or Apply Epoxy

After successfully leveling the floor, proceed to seal it using a concrete sealant. This protective layer safeguards polished concrete from potential water and dirt damage. You can also install epoxy on the recently leveled concrete floor.

How to Work With a Sloping Floor?

Sloping floors, common in older homes, are generally considered normal but can pose safety risks, leading to cracks around windows and doors. Repairing an uneven floor is essential to prevent potential damage to your property.

The initial step in addressing this issue involves managing excessive moisture near the foundation. This may entail the installation of underground drainage systems and gutters. If controlling moisture proves unsuccessful, an alternative solution is to install new floor joists and support posts, a task that can be undertaken either professionally or as a DIY project.

Another cost-effective approach for correcting sloping floors involves the use of plywood. Addressing a significant slope often requires adding an extra layer of plywood perpendicular to the original floor.

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