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What To Ask Local Moving Companies Santa Clara Before Hiring

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Residential and corporate moves making many decisions and dealing with a plethora of tasks at a time. From choosing the right moving date or selecting the best supplies, take assistance from local moving companies Santa Clara to prevent downright overwhelming. 

With hundreds of local moving companies available, there is no limit on choices. Hence, you need to shortlist qualified and reliable companies according to your requirements. For this purpose, it is crucial to know what questions to ask while interviewing the movers in Santa Clara CA.

Are you up to finding the company that fits your specific needs? Explore this guide for worthy guidance. 

Essential Questions To Ask A Moving Company

Interviewing the company and interrogating about their services speak volumes about their potential and credibility. Ensure to ask a company the following questions to be certain that they meet your criteria. 

What Is This Company? Broker Or a Carrier?

Brokers are the companies that outsource the services to other companies while the carrier company’s in-house staff handles everything from disassembling to reassembling. Moreover, you can also find hybrid companies that undertake some tasks by themselves and outsource a few. 

Before you finalize the Santa Clara moving company, it is imperative to know how they operate and if any third party will be handling your belongings. Having this information gives you insights into how your belongings will be delivered.

How Does The Company Handle Loss Claims?

The accidents and mishaps are unpleasant and uninvited. Hence, ask the prospective company about the claim process. It gives you an upper hand in the situation when you lose something and need to make a claim.  

Along with the coverage, keep a check on the customer reviews to know a company’s potential. If you witness multiple comments from the customers that they do not get reimbursed, take this company as a red flag. 

What Range Of Services Do You Offer?

All local movers Santa Clara CA are not created equal. Every shop offers a unique list of services that you can choose from. Whether you are planning a long or short-distance move, you should never assume that a moving company offers everything you expect.

The major services that a moving company/business usually offers are loading, unloading, packing, furniture assembly and disassembly, transportation of items, customer carting, vehicle shipping, and cleaning services. If any particular service is crucial for your move, you should confirm if the company offers the following service. 

How Do You Calculate The Price?

Every company follows a different pricing plan and charges their customers based on several factors such as shipping distance, seasonality, hourly labor, and weight. Some companies also include charges for specialty items and fuel. 

No matter how easy or complex your move is, ensure to inquire about their prices so you can budget properly. Moreover, keep your focus on what the company says about charges and make sure your final bill is not higher than it is supposed to be. 

Is Your Company Licensed?

Reputation and license indicate the authenticity of a moving company. To prevent scams and dodge rogue movers, make sure to check a company’s license. All local moving companies Santa Clara should have the license issued by the respective state. It is imperative to remember that every state has its own set of moving regulations and licensing requirements. Hence, when you select a company for the group or reliable movers, they will not hesitate to show their license to any client. 

Make Your Move Stress-Free With Expert Movers 

Moving to a new town, city or country can be an overwhelming task especially when you do not have prior experience. If your residential or corporate move is around the corner, contact a reliable service provider such as Brother Movers. 

This is a professional company with more than a decade of experience. With their extensive experience and access to the right tools and equipment, their expert team carefully and safely transports the belongings to the destination. 

They are complete movers who take responsibility for every task. From the disassembly of furniture to transporting and setting it to the new place, you can count on them. Moreover, they keep your possessions safe in the advanced monitored storage until you find a reasonable space.

Final Verdict 

Selecting the local moving companies Santa Clara for your move determines the success and smoothness of the process. Take recommendations, shortlist the companies, and ask important questions to ensure suitability. For a reliable move and seamless process, get in touch with Brother Movers. This is a well-known and experienced company with the help of the right tools and equipment. They have a team of well-versed and trained workers who help accomplish the move efficiently and safely. If you are planning a local move, get in touch with them for complete assistance.

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