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Uses Of Custom Tuck End Boxes As Retail-Ready Packaging 

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Uses Of Custom Tuck End Boxes As Retail-Ready Packaging 

Most of the brands use retail-ready packaging as a tool to give shelf appeal to the product and to fulfill the supply chain requirement. The retail-ready packaging is most of the time in custom tuck end boxes style. The extensive use of tuck-end packaging in the retail market is not a coincidence. 

Many factors make the tuck-end boxes an ideal option for the packing of retail products. Among all the reasons, the convenience of this box style is at the top making it a preferred choice among the companies. Custom top tuck boxes have plenty of features such as durability, ease, and attractiveness that make them the most preferred choice for product packaging. 

What Is Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP)?

As the name of the packaging indicates, RRP is used to pack products to sell in the retail market. This packaging is designed considering some of the standard requirements of the retail market including a specific size, shape, and design so that the customers can be attracted to the product and the retailers can easily display the product. 

RRP is used mainly for display purposes and custom printed tuck boxes are the main box styles that are used for the retail market. Brands choose RRP to make their product unique and easily identifiable in the market. This helps brands get higher sales and hence higher revenue. 

Why Tuck-End Boxes Are Used As RRP? 

Tuck-style boxes are used because they have certain features that make them ideal for product packaging. These boxes have high-quality and distinct designs that make them plain and your product attractive. The main reasons for the high use of tuck box packaging in the retail market are listed below:

Box Strength 

Box stretch is necessary to keep the packed item safe and secure. Tuck-end boxes are made with high-quality material that can withstand a reasonable amount of pressure and jolts making it easy for the brand to transit their product to the retail store and to the end customers. 

For example, custom kraft box packaging in tuck-end style made with kraft material can keep your packed retail item secure. Moreover, there are other two types of material that can be used in the RRP which are cardboard and corrugated material, both with the high ability to keep the product protected. 

Convenience Style

The style of custom tuck-end cartons is convenient to use both for the retailers and for the users. The boxes are pre-glued so there is no need to glue and tape the product, moreover, the boxes have a tuck-end that folds inside the box giving exceptional protection and a look to the product. 

Custom tuck end boxes wholesale are convenient because of one more reason which is that they do not require tearing of the box. So after the first use, the buyers can repack the item to unfold it afterward.  

Enough Space For Graphics 

As we know a tuck-end box has a large empty surface area that can be used to print unique and catchy graphics on them. With the help of these graphics, brands can get unimaginable benefits and marvelous branding.

Whether you want to print the artwork of your company or you want to print your logo all can be done efficiently because there is plenty of space on the custom printed tuck boxes. 

Easy To Recycle 

Another reason that makes a tuck-end box an ideal and excellent option to use as retail packaging is its easy recyclability. These boxes are made with paper-based materials that are derived from wood and wood is sustainable. 

Custom top tuck boxes can be recycled and degraded easily leading to a reduction in pollution and in the greenhouse gas emissions of your company. 

Low In Price 

In the market, the cost is the main driving force that makes a certain product a favorite of the customers and the companies. No brand wants to deliver its product in poor condition and no customer wants to receive its product in damaged form. 

A high quality packaging can protect product damage but such packaging may cost a lot. Nonetheless, custom tuck boxes have marvelous durability and are lowering rates so the best option to maintain quality and the budget at the same time. 

Various Types

In the retail market, there is a dire need to sell the product in as much attractive form as possible. So packaging that is available in different styles can be a perfect solution. Tuck-end boxes are avail in the following styles: 

  • Top tuck boxes 
  • Tuck end boxes 
  • Reverse tuck boxes 
  • Reinforced tuck boxes 

Final Thoughts! 

Custom tuck end boxes are the widely used packaging style used in the retail market. These boxes have a catchy look and robustness that give the packed item an appealing look and protection respectively. Furthermore, adding the logo on the boxes makes them a constant branding tool, which is why the tuck-end style is the prevalent style used in RRP. 

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