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Understanding The Objectives of Reach Registration and its Advantages

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REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction) certification is essential for chemical products and substances that are manufactured and imported into India. REACH certification regulates the chemical industry on global standards. Let’s understand its objectives and its advantages. 

What are the Objectives of Reach Registration?

  1. REACH analyzes the manufacturer’s substance through testing of components present in that substance. 
  2. REACH helps to reduce the usage of hazardous properties in your substance and understand the properties present in a substance. 
  3. Under Reach, a chemical safety assessment process is carried out to determine the risk present in chemicals. 
  4. To promote animal welfare and reduce the number of harmful chemicals that are exposed to the environment. 
  5. Reach increases transparency of manufacturer’s substance properties. 

What are the Advantages of Reach Registration? 

There are some advantages of REACH certification in India and some of them are described here.  

Decrease the Negative Impact on the Environment 

Reach certificate decreases the risk of hazardous chemicals on the environment. It provides a framework to manufacturers for how they can restrict or reduce the usage of the chemical in a substance. Reach officials evaluate the information submitted by the manufacturer about their product’s composition to decrease the negative influence on the environment. When the evaluation is complete officials provide the certification. 

Provides the Types of Chemicals for Reducing Their Effects 

The chemicals can be divided into the following physicochemical hazards, toxicological hazards, and Environmental Hazards under the Reach Certification. Typical hazardous substances that are restricted in products include lead, Azo dyes, phthalates, PFOS, and more. Through this categorization, the manufacturer can choose the type of chemicals that are present in its substance and make sure that you get a Chemical Safety Assessment. 

Provides Safety to the Consumers 

Under REACH Certification, CSA is also a part of the process. It includes the hazard assessment process, exposure assessment process, and characterization of risk. This helps in enhancing the safety of the consumers while using products that contain chemicals. It also strengthens the choice of consumers in terms of product selection. Products that have REACH certification help consumers choose quality and safe items as compared to uncertified products. 

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REACH Certification Holds Entities

Entities that come under REACH certification are manufacturer, importer, only representative, downstream user, producer, distributor, and Supplier.  It also specifies that a manufacturer or importer must produce more than 1 tonne per annum and can apply for REACH certification. 

Close Analysis of the Chemical Substances 

Before the REACH certification is provided to the manufacturer, a close analysis is been done to reduce the risk and check whether your product is following all the standards accurately or not. A Manufacturer has to provide a request if the information he is providing is confidential or not. 

Proposal for further testing of chemical, health and safety guidance, nature, classification and how the substance has been labeled, and information about the importers. As a manufacturer, you have to establish the chemical identity of your specific substances. The chemical composition must be documented and provide all the necessary information.


REACH certification increases your substance value in the market and gives an assurance to the consumers that your product is safe to use. In addition, this certification also reduces the hazardous chemical effects on the environment and consumers. This certification is compulsory for chemical products that are imported and manufactured in India. 

Reach registration consultants provide details for achieving REACH certification. Reach includes restrictions for certain substances, or banned, and limited chemicals to increase the protection of the environment from these chemicals. These are also designed to manage the risk that may occur due to substances. 

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