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Top 5 medals manufacturers in USA you should know of

by UrgentRCM

The glint of gold, sheen of bronze and weight of silver—all these three elements undergo a rigorous process to be encapsulated into coveted medals or award medals, radiating a sense of triumph and prestige. While many are familiar with the type of medals, award medals and coins and the organizations that endorse them but little light is shed on the craftsmanship behind these meticulously designed medals. Let’s shine a spotlight on top 5 medals manufacturers renowned for their expertise in carving custom award medals, custom medals and coins.

  1. CrownAwards

Crown Awards is among the top manufacturers of custom medals, award medals and other tangible forms of honorary tokens. Founded in 1978 by Chuck Weisenfeld, started out as a single store front operation in Brooklyn, New York and subsequently went on to establish a top manufacturing company for medals and other medallions. Their popular custom designs vary from insert medals to spin medals.

  • JustAwardMedals

JustAwardMedals is another leading manufacturer for custom award medals, coins and other forms of honorary emblems. They have acquired a sprawling attention from the whole of US market. They are widely known for printing custom artwork on the medals, such as text walk and ring run. Thereby leading them to spanning their expertise in other forms are production such as logo.

  • Trophy Depot

Trophy Depot among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the medals, award medals, coins, trophies and other forms of laurels. Located in Queens, NY, known for having the clientele of renowned brands. Moreover, it is widely acclaimed for its customer satisfaction, prevailing in the whole of US. Their craftsmanship includes custom acrylic medals, insert medals and hard enamel medals.

  • Hodges Badge Company, Inc.

Hodges Badge Company, Inc. has come a long way since its foundation, starting off as a badge-making company in the roaring 20s to undergoing through various changes, expanding its horizons, becoming the one-stop shop for medallions, trophies and plaque awards. Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, having following in masses since its establishment, with over 150 people in workforce. Their popular medallions include die-cast and laser cut award medals.

  • The Studio Technologies, Inc.

Known for its custom designs in various merchandise, while making its way to the artistry of crafting medals, award medals and various other honorary tokens as well. Located in E. Colorado Blvd.,Pasadena. They are also among the manufacturers to have clientele of renowned brands. Their notable work in medallions include soft enamel medals and hard enamel medals.

Why consider these for getting custom medals, award medals and coins?

 The reason why these enterprises are top contenders for manufacturing of medallions, awards and coins is because they have efficient process of manufacturing such as usage of laser engraving method. Moreover, streamlined the approach towards delivering custom medals or other forms medallions. They firstly, share their custom-artwork of the potential medals before delivering you the final product, enabling you to make revisions, until the finalization of design. Moreover, they have various dimensions to offer, along with designs, enabling you to amend texture as well of the medals. Since their foundation, these companies have ensured to meet 100+customer satisfaction, spanning their clientele base in other parts of the world. Above all, you can get attain exquisite medallions, trophies and other forms of honorary embellishments, in affordable prices.


The artistry of designing the medals, award medal, coins and another form of honorary ornaments, hold immense importance as they enabled to engrave pieces, radiating yours or your organization’s glory and triumph. However, people aren’t familiar with the artisans behind the intricate sculpting of these medallion, leaving you pondering over the credible source for acquiring medallions, crafted with finesse and catering to your preferences. We have picked out some of the best manufacturers in USA, crafting medallions, trophies and emblems, pertaining to your preferences, without any hassle.

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