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The Case of Marilyn Monroe’s Missing “Heirloom” Engagement Eternity Ring

by UrgentRCM

Every industry has one or the other golden era and so had Hollywood. It was during the 1950s when Hollywood was enjoying its golden era and had the glam icons like Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, etc. As these were the prime icons of the era, there are various stories revolving around their private lives as well. One among those lost stories is the story of the lost “heirloom eternity ring” of Marilyn Monroe.

So, in today’s article we will be discussing the story of Marilyn Monroe’s missing “Heirloom” engagement eternity ring- a story which gained momentum in those days and is still a matter of introspection even to this day. So, let’s get started and delve into the history to see what was the significance of the ring, how the events unfolded and how the mystery stays alive even after decades.

The Life of Marilyn Monroe

A personality woven with glitz, glamour and romance- Marilyn Monroe was the much-adored Hollywood sensation of the time. And as usual, since nothing remains personal in a celebrity’s life, there were various love stories which we heard of, some real, some just to arouse the interest of the public. However, among all the other love stories one which was most celebrated was of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio. Joe DiMaggio was a famous baseball player of his time and the world adored the two when they exchanged vows together with the diamond eternity rings.

This eternity ring in itself had a story. Unlike other eternity rings such as ruby or sapphire eternity rings, this one had diamonds crafted with precision and care on platinum to make it exceptional in every way possible. The ring featured 36 baguette-cut diamonds on a platinum eternity band.

Coming to the present day, these diamond platinum eternity rings disappeared without a trace. This along with being the engagement ring of the couple was also the family heirloom of DiMaggio. Auctioned and sold last at the Christie’s auction for 636000 euros, it has now disappeared forever. Not much is known about from where did this ring came from in DiMaggio’s family, who owned it and passed it down. And also the current location of the ring is not known.
The ring although is lost somewhere in history, but it has already made its way to history by being gifted to such a sensation.

Eternity Rings:

Eternity rings have from then till this day remained famous because of various reasons. One of them is this as well. Well Monroe’s ring is lost but today there are various kinds of eternity rings available in the market such as full and half eternity rings.

  • Full Eternity Ring– Made of identical gemstones placed one after the other in such a way that they forma complete circle. These full eternity rings are usually gifted in anniversaries of while celebrating some milestone together. However, like Monroe, various personalities have been using this ring to celebrated the union on the engagement day as well.
  • Half Eternity Ring– The half eternity ring appears to be the same just like as the full eternity ring but there’s a difference. The half eternity ring only has the gemstones placed on one side in a semi-circle form. This gives them the same appearance like the full eternity rings but are more convenient to wear and also cost efficient when it comes to the comfort and pricing.

Depending on the choice of your gemstone and the type of eternity ring that you want, you can get the eternity ring of your choice made. There are various gemstones available which can me crafted into the metal of your choice and you can choose the design according to your choice and budget.

Buying Eternity Rings

Buying an eternity ring is easier than ever before. You have two options. Either you can go to your nearest store and choose one among the various rings that they have. Alternatively, you can also go for buying them online from any trusted website. There are various websites selling authentic gemstones and rings in the UK. All you have to do is login to their website and choose the ring and make the payment. You will get the ring delivered to you in just a couple of days.

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