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Solar Panel Cleaning Guide: How to Clean Solar Panels Lahore

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Solar Panel Cleaning | AfinityMS Company

Pakistan has a very high demand for solar systems due to the excessively high electrical power prices. Everybody attempts to decrease electrical power costs by installing more effective gadgets or mounting a planetary system. Nevertheless, it’s equally crucial to understand the planetary system. That has been mounted will create the same number of systems connected by the vendor each day just when the photovoltaic solar panel cleaning is effective. In Lahore, as a result of dirt and bird poops editing the solar panels is a busy task. Yet, it’s essential to decrease or zero your electrical energy costs if you require solar manufacturing.

Solar Panel Cleaning | AfinityMS Company

Solar Panel Cleansing Expense vs KE System Price

Because of ongoing high tariffs from Lahore Electric. Solar customers need to ensure that the system generates a maximum number of units to ensure zero expenses. Which can only be feasible if the solar panels are correctly deep cleaned. Suppose the photovoltaic panels are unclean after 15 or 30 days. In that case, there is a very high possibility of shedding performance up to 30%, which means that if you have mounted a 15KW Planetary system. You can shed around 21 units per day. It suggests we can not import about 650 units. Each month to Lahore Electric because the solar panels were unclean, and 650 devices expenses around PKR 37,700, a total monthly loss.

Exactly How to Clean Solar Panel:

Photovoltaic panel cleansing is straightforward work. However, this is labour-intensive and requires much hard work. Especially if the system is around 10 KW or bigger. The larger the planetary system, the more time it needs to clean the photovoltaic panels, and by cleansing. We do not indicate simply utilising some water and wiping them off. Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning Service calls for specialised tools. Including a wiper, a telescopic brush, and a water pressure pump, to clean up the dirt, dust, and bird droppings on the photovoltaic panels properly.

Utilising only water for cleaning photovoltaic panels is pointless and will not raise your manufacturing. For that reason, it’s essential to cleanse the panels with water. And use some soft degreasers to clean up the photovoltaic panels, particularly in Lahore. Telescopic Solar Cleansing Brushes with a constructed water pump are typically costly. Yet they are very efficient in successfully cleaning up bird droppings.

Solar Panel Cleaning | Afinityms Company

Cleaning up 10KW solar panels calls for at least 1-1.5 hours. Depending on the framework type and how dirty the photovoltaic panels are. The same goes for a 15 KW solar system, which can take 1.5-2.5 hours. You can quickly clean up the panels with the moment and power. Yet, if you have time restrictions or desire the most effective results. Hiring a specialist photovoltaic panel cleaning business is better than that.

At What Time Should We Clean Solar Panels:

It is a valid question, and many customers ask us. When we cleanse the photovoltaic panels in Lahore. As there is a chance of splits because of thermal tension. It is advised to wash them in the evening after 4:30 pm. When the climate is a bit chilly. Yet that will depend on whether the system is manageable. A standard elevated 15KW Planetary system can take about 2 hours to tidy. So we must complete this job in daylight.

How Often Must Solar Panels Be Cleaned Up:

In Pakistan, the frequency of cleaning solar panels can depend on the area where you are located. If there are a lot of trees, then possibilities are there will be a lot of pests like crows and pigeons. Which can produce issues such as bird dropping. And as we have currently stated. Suppose these are present on the photovoltaic panels after that. In that case, the efficiency of the planetary system can be reduced drastically to ensure that it is something you could wish to examine.

Another method to examine when to clean your solar panels is to monitor your solar production. And see when there is a decrease in the devices. That is a very effective method to examine when your photovoltaic panels require cleansing. At Afinityms.com, we monitor our customer’s planetary systems. So when it is time to find a solution. We call our clients for a solution reminder.

Exactly How Efficient Are Water Sprinklers for Cleaning Up Solar Panels:

Another school of thought among solar customers is to mount a water sprinkler to clean the panels. Yet, this water lawn sprinkler can effectively remove dust. Most importantly, the bird droppings can only be cleaned with a proper brush. Bird droppings are one of the significant problems, especially in a city Like Lahore. Where there are a lot of crows and pigeons. It creates a lot of nuisance for solar system owners as they can reduce solar production by up to 30%.

Clean vs Dirty Solar Panels

There has not been much information available on the difference a dirty solar panel will have on solar production compared to a clean solar panel. If the solar panels are located near the sea. Where there is a lot of dust and sea salt or the main road. Where there is a lot of traffic. Your solar production can be reduced by up to 30%.

Another common problem is that consumers need to clean the solar panels correctly. Using only water without scrubbing the dirt will never clean the solar panels, and there will be no improvement in solar production.

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Lahore

At Afinityms.com, We do not just clean your solar panels. We also monitor the solar system’s efficiency and provide that data to the client on how much production you have gained after cleaning the solar panels. Typically, there can be a gain of up to 30% after cleaning. If the panels are dirty and clogged with bird droppings.

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