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Revealing the benefits of Tesla paint protection wrap 2024

by UrgentRCM

Tesla vehicles are reputed for their sophisticated technology. However, we need to protect their paint to make them look attractive. Paint protection wrap will be the best way to do that. In this blog, we have enumerated the advantages of Tesla paint protection wrap.

1. Happens to be the best shield against paint chipping

The appearance of Teslas can be spoiled because of paint chipping. These are usually caused by the road debris. Even though paint correction will be able to fix trivial scratches, it might not be enough. 

In that case, we need to take the help of paint protection wrap. It is a transparent and resilient thermoplastic layer. It has the ability to deflect road debris successfully. Ceramic coatings will provide environmental protection for sure. However, they cannot prevent hard impacts on the surface of the car. On the other hand, paint protection film will be the best solution. One can install it on various components of the Tesla. It might incorporate the hood, headlights, or maybe the entire automobile.

2. Comes with self-healing technology

The contemporary Tesla paint protection wrap makes use of innovative self-healing technology. For this reason, it is considered to be the best protective measure. The innovative attributes of this paint wrap enable it to “heal” trivial scratches effectively. This can happen when it is exposed to heat. It implies that small blemishes on the car’s surface will fade over time. Thus, it will be feasible for the Tesla to have a brand-new look. 

3.  Provides great value for longevity and cash

It is a fact that paint protection wrap is a cost-effective solution. There is no doubt that it offers remarkable longevity and value. Previously, we used to consider PPF to be luxurious stuff as well as expensive. Nevertheless, paint protection wrap has become cheap with the advancement in technology. 

4. Make it simple to clean

It is quite simple to maintain the overall appearance of the Tesla when it comes to the protection wrap. It is possible for the surface of the film to resist dirt, grime, and stains. This is because of the non-porous and smooth nature of the wrap surface. Consequently, it becomes quite simple to clean the vehicle. It will be feasible to provide your Tesla with a new appearance by maintaining it regularly. This will help to save your effort and time too.

5. Safeguard the resale value

Investing in a top-quality Tesla paint protection wrap will pay off in the future. The wrap will make the paint of the vehicle appear pristine. In this way, the resale value of the car will become higher eventually. 

1. The size of the car

We need to consider the size of the car while determining the paint protection cost. Incidentally, Tesla comes with several models right now. For example, you will come across the Model S, Model X, and Model 3. The paint protection cost will differ from one model to another. This is because more film will be needed for bigger cars. Also, it will take a longer time to install the film. So, the cost will be higher on Model X, unlike Model 3. 

2. Labor charges

Lots of skills will be needed to install the PPF. Moreover, it will consume a lot of time as well. The labor charge will be higher if the task demands lots of time and skill. Trained installers are needed to get the job done for Tesla automobiles. Apart from this, they must also be experienced. Also, the labor charges will be higher in the urban areas. Consequently, it is quite natural for the Tesla paint protection cost to be higher in the long run. 

3. Number of panels and pattern design

While getting a Tesla paint protection, it is possible to make any of the following choices. One can choose between a partial coverage and a full coverage package. The first option emphasizes safeguarding only the high-impact areas. However, the full-coverage option will incorporate the protection of all the panels. It is a no-brainer that a full-coverage package will cost more eventually. 

The cost can also be impacted by the pattern design of the PPF. More film will be needed for some designs. As a result, the cost of paint protection will be higher. Make sure to discuss these 2 aspects with the installer to get a proper idea of the cost. 

Bottom line

Consequently, make sure to embrace the advantages of paint protection wrap for your Tesla. It will allow the car to maintain its best condition for years to come.

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