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Pet-Friendly Short Term Lets in London: Where to Bring Your Furry Friends

by UrgentRCM
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London is one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations. With its blend of historic sites and modern attractions, England’s capital has something for everyone – even those with four-legged friends in tow. Although not all accommodations allow pets, London has a fair number of pet-friendly short term lets in london for those looking to bring their furry companions along on vacation.

Knowing the Rules

Before setting out to book a London vacation rental with your pet, it’s important to understand the policies regarding pets in short term lets. Every host and building has their own rules, so be sure to thoroughly research size restrictions, paperwork requirements, fees and more.

Many London vacation rentals limit pets to small dogs or cats under a certain weight. Make sure Fido or Fluffy meets the size requirements before requesting a booking. Some properties may also request up-to-date vaccination records and pet resumes detailing your pet’s experience staying in rental homes. Having this paperwork ready to share with your host can make the booking process much smoother.

Finding Pet-Friendly Areas

Fortunately, London has no shortage of neighborhoods that are exceptionally pet-friendly for short term visitors. For those looking to stay central, check out Marylebone or Bloomsbury. Both offer leafy garden squares where you can take your pup for a stroll along with easy access to shops and transport.

If you’d prefer to be closer to open green spaces, consider renting in East London neighborhoods like Victoria Park or Greenwich. These areas border large parks with plenty of room for pets to play and explore. Having a park nearby also makes walkability much easier if you’d rather not deal with pets on public transport.

Booking Tips for Pet Owners

To ensure an enjoyable stay with pets, communicate clearly with your host when booking a London rental property. Let them know upfront what type of pet you’ll be bringing and confirm policies around sizes, numbers of pets, outdoor access needs and more.

You’ll also want to ask about any applicable pet fees. Most pet-friendly rentals charge extra cleaning or damage deposits. Some may also collect small nightly or weekly pet fees. Get information on all costs in advance so you can budget accordingly.

Look for amenities that will make your time there simpler, like backyard space for quick potty breaks. Finding a rental with a scrubbing tool, mop or vacuum can also allow you to easily clean up any pet messes during your stay.


Although London has plenty to offer for visitors of all kinds, those with pets know it can be tricky to find accommodations allowing your furry plus-one. Luckily pet-friendly short term rental options do exist across several great London neighborhoods. By researching policies, looking in walkable areas close to parks, and communicating clearly with hosts, you’re sure to have a fantastic London getaway with pets by your side.


Q: What type of paperwork is usually required for pets in London short term rentals?

A: Most rentals will ask for up-to-date vaccination records and may request pet resumes listing experience staying in other rental homes.

Q: Are there fees to bring pets in London vacation rentals?

A: Most charge extra damage or cleaning deposits. Some will also collect small nightly or weekly pet fees.

Q: What London neighborhoods are best for traveling with pets?

A: Central areas like Marylebone and Bloomsbury or outer neighborhoods bordering parks like Victoria Park and Greenwich.

Q: Should I inform the host upfront if I’m bringing a pet?

A: Yes, communicating clearly about your pet from the start allows the host to confirm the property’s policies.

Q: What amenities should I look for in a pet-friendly rental?

A: Backyards for breaks, scrubbing tools to clean messes, hardwood over carpeting, etc. Make walkability a priority too.

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