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Moving: What to do with The Furniture?

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What to do with furniture when moving, when a transition period is necessary between the old and new accommodation? Moving means getting rid of bulky best furniture repairing service in abu dhabi that no longer serves you. So to know what to do with all your bulky objects, Allodemenageur gives you solutions, whether you choose to keep them or give them away.

Sell ​​your furniture Movers

Personal classified ad sites like perfect movers, My Mobilize or Top Announces are a tip that you probably already know. It’s also an excellent idea for financing your movers. This financial assistance will be all the more valuable if you are considering decorating your future home. You are an old hand, take part in garage sales! The peak season runs from the end of August to the beginning of October.

Donate your old furniture Movers Dubai

  1. By giving, in addition to making space, you are doing a good deed .You can start by asking your loved ones if they need anything .Then, you can turn to associations such as Perfect Movers, the Red Cross, Secours Popular and Secours. If you don’t know any locally, go to the Web on sites like Donnons.org, Recupe.fr or Recupe.net. The condition is that your Furniture Movers in Dubai is still in good condition.
  • When moving, we often realize that we keep damaged furniture that we want to get rid of. There is therefore no question of taking them to the new accommodation. For furniture in poor condition to be thrown away, find out about the bulky waste collection in your city, or go directly to a recycling center.
  •  If you are unable to take advantage of these solutions, you can call on private companies who offer removal Storage services Dubai for your old bulky furniture or request a clearance quote online .Did you know? There are moving companies that offer “all-in-one” services. Their services consist of the sale or donation of furniture, as well as small transports of all kinds.

What to do with the furniture you keep?

Storing your furniture with relatives moving what to do with furniture Granted, it’s very rare, but your family or friends may have some space to store your furniture temporarily .Thus, an unused basement , a garage where the car would have been taken out, or an empty attic , can do the trick.

Depending on the duration, they are free to rent their square meters to you at a much more advantageous price than a professional storage unit. In this case, it is preferable to seal the agreement with a sublease contract, so that the rental conditions are written in black and white and your friendship preserved.

Store your furniture in a storage unit

Indeed, you can opt for a professional Movers and Packers Dubai storage solution for your furniture.   Thus, you can find a rental storage unit for a limited time: A week, a month, a year, or even more!

The price of a move with storage will be based on your selection criteria. So, everything will depend on the size and location of the storage unit, in the city or in the countryside. You must also take into account the ease of access to your belongings, the level of security chosen and insurance. Finally, you will need to choose a type of storage unit from the many Storage Facility in Dubai solutions on the market. Some storage boxes are specially designed for plants, musical instruments, or even cars.

He will be able to refine the estimated volume, drop off a few boxes for you and take stock of the steps to be taken. Among them, there is the reservation of a space to park the vehicle(s), an access authorization or even the rental of a freight elevator. If you’re moving a short distance, movers near you are the best!

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