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Why Investing in Metal Garages is always a Right Choice to Safeguard Your Car?

by UrgentRCM
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Are you looking to invest in a garage for your property? If so, have you considered steel garages? They are quite in trend these days. You can find an article written on them on almost every garage building website and blog. Not only does a metal structure give you enough storage, but it also gives you a safe parking spot. It’s time to begin.

Why Pick A Custom Metal Garage Building?

Structural Integrity

All metal structures are built to last. But what makes them highly durable? The answer lies in their ability to resist elements and the strength of atoms that hold strong bonds together. Metal, in general, has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than wood or resin. Metal does not decay or rot with time, which is the main reason why there is no compromise with structural integrity.

Tough To Break In

Since metal is more robust than wood, it is tough to break in. A wooden door is easy to dent, crack, or break, but not steel. Steel doors do not crack or twist with changing seasons. That’s why they are used by banks as well.

Approx. 27 Lbs. Snow Load Bearing Ability

A certified metal roof can bear a snow load without collapsing. A slope of 6:12 is sufficient to slide off snow on the roof. Anything higher than that will make snow slide off without any warning.

Inorganic Material

Steel is inorganic. This implies they do not rot or decay with time. It doesn’t attract insects and pests in general. Hence, you don’t have to spend monthly on termite inspection and eradication.

Up To 170 Mph Wind Tolerance

A structure that can tolerate high-speed winds becomes essential in areas with tornadoes and hurricanes. Many local building codes make it compulsory for buildings to be able to withstand storms. That’s where steel garages come in handy. They can be designed to stand firm in 150 to 170 mph wind.

Commercial Steel Fire Resistance Of Min. 2 Hrs.

Steel is considered as a non-combustible material. It has the ability to retain its strength even at 700 ℉. By that temperature, wood will start to burn. However, you must know that unprotected steel frames won’t last that long.

Up To 50% Less Energy Bills

You can design steel garages to be eco-friendly and energy-saving. A well-built and insulated steel structure can reduce your energy bills by up to 50% when compared to a wooden structure. Just a well-constructed and insulated metal roof can reduce heat gain by 30%.

Is Investing In Steel Garages The Right Move?

Low Maintenance

Here are some expected annual costs associated with a wooden garage but not a metal one.

  • Termite inspection & control: $220 to $960
  • Painting: $800 or $2.50 per sq. ft. (annually)
  • Staining: $3 to $5 per sq. ft. (annually)

These are costs that you have to bear annually. But when you install a steel car garage, you don’t have to. Painting a metal car garage may be required once every 5 to 10 years. It costs between $5 to $25 per sq. ft.

Build To Last

Steel garages are not affected by weather or weaken with time. The only issue with a steel structure is rusting, which can be avoided by acrylic latex paints or by installing galvanized/ weathering steel.


MaterialCostPrice Of 2 Car Garage
Metal car garage$10 to $25 per sq. ft.$10,000 onwards
Wooden car garage$35 to $60 per sq. ft.$20,000 onwards

Needless to say, metal garages are less expensive to install and maintain than wooden ones.


Now, it may immediately come to your mind that a wooden garage has an aesthetic and traditional vibe to it. The good news is that you can add exterior façades such as faux wood with metal car garages to give it appeal. The concrete floor can be polished and strained with texture to resemble a wooden floor except with more strength and load-bearing ability.

Return Value ~ 11%

When added to your property, your garage has a return value of around 10% to 14%, depending on how well it is constructed. It would be best to install a metal car garage on a robust concrete foundation for a long-lasting structure.

Some Sample Custom Metal Garage Buildings With Dimension

Type of Metal GaragesSize(width x length)Height
One Car Garage12 ft. x 22 ft.8 ft.
Two Cars Garages24 ft. x 24 ft.8 ft.
Two Car Garages With Lean-To26 ft. x 30 ft.11 ft.
Three Cars Garages40 ft. x 40 ft.12 ft.
Commercial Garage60 ft. x 65 ft.16 ft.

Types Of Custom Metal Garages You Can Invest In

Personal: A steel structure can house vehicles of all sizes. Be it your sedan car, mini truck, or RV, it can keep all of them secured and away from prying eyes. You can even get a custom metal garage with extra space for storing seasonal items or gear.

Recreational: Your garage can be a place for DIY projects, especially the woodwork, as they take up a lot of space and create a significant amount of dust. You can even repurpose it as a personal space for yoga, a gym, and even a home office.

Agricultural: There is no end to the list of how beneficial steel garages can be for agribusiness. It can be designed to be a clear span. You can use it to store farm tools, tractors, seeders, and even crop dusters. Did you know that silos are made of metal and stainless steel panels?

Industrial: Businesses can design a clear-span interior without any structural support columns. They can accommodate large goods carrying trucks or can be used as a warehouse for storage.

Bringing Up The Rear

Metal garage buildings are sturdy build and long-lasting structures that require virtually no maintenance. With incredible durability & high-quality steel, garages can last a decade without repainting. It is one of the major reasons why steel structures have risen in immense popularity among businesses and commercial sectors.

You can now, too, take full advantage of it. Ensure that when buying a metal structure, you buy it from a reputed steel builder with industry experience and excellent craftsmanship in installation.

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