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Innovative Ways to Use Stone Tiles in Bathroom Design

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Looking for ways to use natural stone tiles and add a sense of newness to your bathroom? These tiles are a popular option for bathroom walls and floors as they are low water absorption and versatile. So, consider laying these tiles in creative ways in your bathroom renovation project. You can explore a vast range of tiles that mimic the eternal beauty of natural stone if you visit any good tiles shop in Gurugram. Read on to find some innovative and creative ways to use stone tiles in your bathroom.

Creative Ways to Use Stone Tiles in Your Bathroom 

Consider Stone Tiles for Your Bathroom Flooring

Updating your flooring is one of the most creative ways to upgrade the entire look of your bathroom. With regards to the size of your bathroom, the natural stone tile installation on your bathroom floor can be a short or long-term project. However, once you install these floor tiles, do not worry about protecting the internal structure of your bathroom flooring from water damage and bacterial growth. After all, natural stone bathroom tiles are highly durable, which is much needed in any bathroom, and have visual appeal. Whether you want to add a sense of classic beauty to your flooring or make it appear more dynamic and modern, you can consider using these tiles as they are highly flexible. Thankfully, natural stone tiles come in plenty of options, ranging from marble to granite to slate, that can be a part of your awesome bathroom renovation project. 

Try Stone Tiles in a Shower Niche

Natural stone tiles can be used in every part of the bathroom, including the shower space. So, you can look for a decorative, natural stone tile design in any reputed tiles shop in Gurugram for a niche in your shower area. This is an easy yet effective way to add a natural texture and look to your bathroom. As mentioned earlier, these tiles offer elegance and versatility to any space where they are laid, regardless of how much or little you have used them. So, if you want to lay tiles only in your shower space, consider opting for natural stone tiles. It will not need a huge amount of tiles but can create a focal point in your bathroom. On top of that, creating this bathroom look will not take months to finish. 

Use Stone Tiles as a Shower Backsplash

If you like the idea of laying tiles in your shower space and want to give your shower backsplash a new look, you should consider covering your shower wall with colourful natural stone tiles. This idea is great for transforming your overall bathroom look. After all, your shower backsplash can provide the best opportunity to showcase your sense of style. There are hundreds of natural stone tile designs that can provide a captivating look to your shower backsplash. Or, you can even think of creating a unique design by mixing and matching different stone tile designs or colours. All in all, by adding natural stone tiles to your shower backsplash, you can add personality and style to your bathroom. 

Use Stone Tiles Instead of Paint

Even though bathroom tiles have been a desired choice in India, there are still some homeowners who use paint to protect their bathroom walls. However, tiles should be your choice for both your bathroom walls and flooring if you are looking for a more long-lasting surfacing material. You can consider going for natural stone tiles which are much better at protecting your walls and flooring from water damage. This is because these tiles allow no water to penetrate through them, thereby lowering damage to the foundation of your bathroom. Plus, thanks to their high longevity, they can last for a longer period and do not need to be changed often. Besides that, the elegant look of these tiles may even add value to your property if you consider reselling the house in the future.  

Opt for Natural Stone for Your Sink Backsplash 

Another area which can be beautified using natural stone tiles but often goes unnoticed is the backsplash behind the sink. It is a great location for natural stone tile installation in any bathroom. So, if you are looking for a creative idea to infuse stone tiles without tearing everything out, consider installing these tiles on your sink backsplash as an accent wall that will instantly grab your attention. Moreover, these tiles not only offer a stunning look but also perfectly tell you how a small amount of natural stone tile addition can alter the overall appearance of your space. 

Small Touches Can Make a Huge Impact 

When it comes to using natural stone tiles in homes, most people consider laying them on floors, backsplash, or countertops. However, adding these tiles to your house, or particularly your bathroom, does not need to be a massive project. Rather, using them in small amounts lets you incorporate their beauty into your space creatively. So, you should think of using them in your bathroom to create unique accents that can make a design statement as a feature wall. 

Experiment with Colourful Stone Tiles 

If you like colours and playful designs, do not be afraid of infusing them in your bathroom. You can find several options of natural stone tiles with colours and eclectic designs, which offer a lot of room for creativity. Moreover, a colourful and patterned stone surface can uniquely offer a sophisticated look with a pop to the space. So, consider creating a bathroom focal point with natural stones in interesting shades or strong vein patterns for a more effective visual impact within the space. 


Natural stone tiles are wide-ranging in their applications, thanks to the versatility that they bring when they are installed. Reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique, a leading tiles shop in Gurugram to buy high-quality stone tiles for your bathroom.

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