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How to Use Instagram Hashtags and Geotagging Profitably

by UrgentRCM

This guide will help you use Instagram hashtags and geotagging to promote your business on this social network. Publishing the right type of content, in fact, is only the first step to making your marketing an effective tool. Effective for what? To attract a new audience, of course! Only in this way will you be able to interact with your followers to create trust and brand awareness. A well-planned strategy is definitely key. In this mini-guide for companies we explain the importance of using the right hashtags and geotagging to be found by your target audience.

Instagram has become one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. With 400 million reported users, there is no doubt that it has become a major source of marketing and advertising for businesses especially Wikipedia page creator. But as with any other platform, you have to know how to use it well to make the right profit from it. Luckily, Instagram offers a variety of tools that help you target your audience using hashtags, geotagging, and location-based information built right into the app.

Instagram Hashtags: Use Them to Your Advantage Now. That’s How

How can Instagram hashtags and geotagging help you grow your account? How can they increase the engagement rate of your posts?

Instagram hashtags (and popular Instagram hashtags especially) are a great way to increase your reach and drive the right people to your profile. They essentially help you to be found (to make your company found, in this case). At this point, you will surely ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I know when to use hashtags?
  • Which are the best?

Since it’s a visual platform, companies want to make sure they get the right balance between image and text. So:

  • Use the hashtag relating to the city you are in, where your company is located, where you are carrying out a particular company activity (for example a fair, a meeting, an event).
  • Use the hashtag you created for your personal business. A unique and unique hashtag that identifies your brand on Instagram.
  • Use alternately (a little in each post you publish) a list of hashtags relating to your market niche that you have created previously. You can use tools like hashtagify.me to generate this list.
  • Do not use (because it seems like they no longer work) hashtags like #follow4follow #follow to get new followers, nor hashtags like #like #like4like #likes to get new likes.
  • Do not overuse it! Since there must be the right balance between image and text, it is better not to put more than 10 for each post.

Geolocation: Use It Now to Attract Followers to Your Business Profile

Instagram’s new algorithm makes it harder for businesses to see their posts. There’s this new term trending in the world of Instagram: geolocation. It’s a way to target your customers using hashtags that are relevant to them. Well.

You will have understood that geolocation and mobile marketing now go hand in hand. And that the (famous) Instagram hashtags also have something to do with them. Geotags are real geographic tags. Compared to “normal” tags, they locate your post on a virtual map, giving you the right visibility in the right (geographical) context. It is necessary to add them because they increase your photo’s pool of potential viewers.

If you are publishing a story on Instagram, therefore, remember also to insert the geotag. With your smartphone, with the location detector activated, it will be enough to enter the Instagram app, load the content and click on “add place” or on the inverted drop-shaped icon, the universal symbol of geolocation. And that’s it.

Remember that inserting geotags in your company posts helps you a lot to:

  • Let users find you by areas of interest when they consult Instagram’s dynamic maps.
  • Generate more sales (especially if your business is linked to a certain territory).
  • Do branding


Using hashtags and geotagging strategically on Instagram is instrumental in expanding reach, increasing engagement, and fostering a sense of community. By employing relevant and trending hashtags, businesses can amplify their content’s visibility to a broader audience. Geotagging not only adds context to posts but also aids in local discovery, especially for businesses aiming to attract a nearby audience. Continuously monitoring the performance of these strategies enables refinement and optimization, leading to a more profitable and impactful Instagram presence.

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