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How to Travel with Only Hand Luggage.

by UrgentRCM

This blog post is for you if you’re wondering whether it’s possible to travel with only hand luggage! To show you how simple it is to avoid paying for checked luggage and travel with only a carry-on bag, I’m sharing all of my best travel tips and shortcuts.

I am also here to tell you that anyone, including an avid overpacker like me, can modify their ways. The thought of how much money I’ve wasted on superfluous Bounce Luggage promo code for shoes and items I’ve never worn frightens me. A sigh.

You may question what prompted me to change my behavior. It has to do in part with airlines’ constant modifications to luggage prices and restrictions.

Why Only Bring Hand Luggage for Travel?

Before I give you my best suggestion, let us first look at the advantages of traveling with only hand luggage. Here are some of the advantages of traveling with only hand luggage:

Check-in at the airport is either speedier or not available at all.

You can bypass the baggage claim area and get straight to your destination.

You do not have to worry about your luggage being stolen, damaged, or misplaced.

It forces you to analyze what you really need rather than what you think you need.

You will not purchase items/souvenirs that you do not require (you cannot fit them in!).

My most challenging vacation to date was a ten-day journey to Iceland and New York.

Bring an appropriate bag for your trip.

This is my top pick for traveling with only hand luggage. A journey can truly be made or shattered by the right travel bag. Maybe not quite that drastic, but having a well-made, sturdy backpack with various pockets will be really useful when traveling.While I normally try to travel on a mid-range budget and look for the best deals, there was one instance when I was willing to splurge.

I performed extensive research before selecting this purse, and I adore it. Although it costs approximately €100, it is absolutely worth it.

I chose this one since it is pretty large, has padded places for electronics, great organizational areas for easy access, and is extremely comfortable! It’s also anti-theft, with an RFID pocket that prevents credit card fraud!

If you are simply carrying hand luggage, the guidelines above should be your primary considerations when purchasing a bag. They will ensure the protection of your belongings and enough space for all of your needs.

Find out your airline’s baggage policy.

Airlines often change their luggage rules, especially in Europe. Even if you assume you know what you can bring on board, consult their website before taking only hand luggage.

Furthermore, SeatGuru is a terrific free resource that provides current information on all airlines, making it simple to complete this task.

Certain airlines, particularly budget carriers such as Ryanair, are notorious for their volatility. You’ve probably heard the same scary stories as I have. Checking the dimensions of your suitcase with a low-cost baggage scale like this one is one way to avoid this.

Cube Packing for Success.

For me, packing cubes have dramatically altered the way I travel with only hand luggage. I can’t imagine going anyplace without cubes after using them for nearly five years.

I no longer have to hunt through my belongings to find a cardigan or a phone charger because everything is labeled and organized in my beloved packing cubes.

You can organize your belongings anyway you want, but I’ve found that it works best to separate things into categories such as swimwear and underwear, dresses and tops, shorts and leggings, and then other odd items into smaller cubes.

Roll up your garments

One of my primary packing tips is to roll your clothes! You’ll save a lot of space in your hand luggage by keeping your clothes packed inside the cubes.

In addition, I’ve learned that doing so makes it much easier to see what I’ve packed and keeps my garments less wrinkled. Furthermore, I’ve discovered that doing so allows me to pack fewer rolls because I prefer them to be little and compact. This is a huge feat for me, as I have always overpacked!

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