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How Does AC Heating Work? Heat Pumps Explained

by UrgentRCM

How does an air conditioning unit heat your space? This question comes to many minds. And today, we are finding out exactly that. Many ACs come with a built-in heating mode that keeps you warm during the cold winter nights. But many of us don’t know how it works or how to make the most of it. Join us as we find out how this heating mode works, its benefits, and how to get you one. So, let’s uncover everything there is to know about heating Air Conditioners Dubai has.

What is a Heat Pump?

In simple words, heat pumps are AC units that transfer heat from one space to another. Thus, have the name heat “pumps” rather than heating units. You use heat pumps in your daily life without even knowing. The refrigerators, AC units, and freezers are all heat pumps. The only difference is that they transfer heat from your space to the outside. And cool the air because you set the thermostat at a lower temperature. This idea is valid for both heating and cooling devices. The key difference is that while heating, you set the thermostat at a higher temperature. Thus, it pumps warmer air into the space. While both heating and cooling units practically work in the same way. One of the major differences is that they both have an opposite cycle.

How can one unit provide heating and air conditioning?

Many of us who have a keen interest in renewable energy have come across the term heat pumps. Generally, ground or air-source heat pumps are the first thing that you think of while talking about heat pumps. These pumps make use of ground or air heat to warm up your space. While this is exactly what an AC does, the way it does it is a bit different. Many multi-split ACs can heat or cool your space.

Moreover, this option is also readily available in central air conditioning systems in Dubai. The main advantage of such systems is that they can alter the temperature as you need. This helps you set different parts of your home or office at different temperatures.

The main idea behind heating and cooling is that both of them use a refrigeration cycle. The unit uses a liquid to heat or cool the air inside the unit. It carries the heat to or from the surrounding air and then pumps it into the unit. Four main parts of the system make it possible.

1.      Compressor

The main task of the compressor is to push the coolant, turning it into a hot, high-pressure gas. Then, it pumps this gas into the condenser to do the job.

2.      Condenser

The condenser is one of the key components that comes into direct contact with the air. It is a long coil tube inside the external unit. It carries the refrigerant inside it that cools down the air. The warmth/coldness dissipates into the surrounding air with the help of a fan. As it cools down, it turns back into liquid and enters the expansion valve.

3.      Valve

This valve, or expansion valve, reduces the pressure of the coolant. Thus turning it back into a liquid form. Then it pumps this liquid coolant into the evaporator.

4.      Evaporator

The evaporator is quite similar to a condenser. It is a long, coiling tube that reduces the pressure on the coolant. This causes the coolant to turn into a gas and evaporate. It uses the heat from the air as energy, which makes the liquid turn into a gas. Then, this gas absorbs heat, reducing the temperature of the air.

5.      Fan

The fan uses the cold air that the evaporator produces and then blows this cool air into the room. Thus completing the cycle and maintaining the temperature of your room.

This cycle then repeats as the gas returns to the compressor so it can re-use it. If you’re using the heating feature of your AC, the cycle reverses. How? All you need is to reverse the valve, which in turn reverses the flow of heat. Here, the condenser will become the cold evaporator and thus remove cold air. The fan will get warm air that it will pump into your space, warming it up. Press the “HEAT” or the “☼” symbol on your AC remote to turn on the heating mode. 

Why Use a Two-in-One AC Unit?

Many benefits come along with using a two-in-one AC unit. Clearly, the main benefit is that you can heat or cool your place at just the click of a button. While you might think that this is its only benefit, it’s not. So, let’s find out what other benefits using this unit hold.


This is one of the lesser-known facts. Dual air conditioning systems are more efficient than regular ones. This is mainly because they don’t use ducts to push the air around your home or office. The units that use ducts need more power to make sure that the air reaches every part of your property.

Climate Control

Another option that a multi-split unit offers is greater control over the temperature. It allows you to adjust the temperatures of different rooms to different settings. Through a multi-spilt, you can always meet the changing needs of your family or workforce.

Cost Effective

These units work great for your home, especially if you don’t have a gas connection. Moreover, they use less electricity to heat your place than a boiler will use gas. Another upside to multi-splits is that if you’re using a renewable energy source, then you will be paying almost nothing.

Stay Warm!

Now that you know how heat pumps work and why you should use them, it’s time to get one. Visit the Central Trading Company in Dubai to get the best deals on air conditioners and home tank chillers. So what are you waiting for? Get the best products and services at your fingertips it equipment!

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