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What to Do When You’re Stuck: Overcoming Challenges in Online GRE Prep

by UrgentRCM
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GRE is all about being disciplined and dedicated throughout the preparation and the real exam because it will test your nerves. Students who are stuck can still get their desired marks by overcoming some common challenges faced during preparation. You just have to be a bit more vigilant while answering the questions because most students know the answer but due to excessive exam pressure they do not perform up to the mark. Therefore, keep on practising and learn from your mistakes before sitting in the real exam. If you find yourself stuck in GRE preparation then this guide will surely enlighten you. Let’s take a look at some common challenges and their solution in online GRE Preparation. 

Common Challenges In Online GRE Prep


One common challenge is that students are not consistence with their online GRE preparation. One day they practice more than one test but other days they do not bother to take any practice test. It hinders memory retention and burdens students to take more tests in a day. 


Not avoiding delays and following a set schedule can hinder you from acing your exam. You need to be vigilant when it comes to procrastination because laziness and not working on time will result in stress and anxiety when the exam date is near. 

Time Management 

Time management is crucial in every exam preparation, thus, every student needs to set a timer or follow a proper schedule. Otherwise, you will fail to get your desired score on the GRE. Time management will take time to practice because it must take time to be done. 

Lack Of Focus 

Focus is a must when you are preparing for the GRE because otherwise, you might miss out on the necessary details demanded from the questions. Lack of focus not only hinders information retention in the mind but also lowers your overall productivity to think logically while practising. 

Quantitative Analysis 

Students need to be fully attentive while solving quantitative problems. Reading questions without fully understanding can result in getting lower marks. Sometimes, in quantitative analysis of the GRE, there is no involvement of numerics but rushing towards answers poses a challenge for students to get desired marks. 

Word Problems 

Another challenge is word problems in which students do not understand the statements carefully. Only one or two words can alter the question entirely but a lack of attentive reading of every word results in attempting the whole question wrong. 

Overcoming Challenges In Online GRE Prep

Practice, Practice And Practice 

In online GRE preparation, the word ‘practice’ cannot be stressed enough. Students need to do a lot of practice to ace this exam because of analytical reasoning and quantitative problems, everything needs practice to master it. Therefore, try to take time out daily to practice and do not miss any day at all. 

Strengthen Your Weak Sections 

Every student is different with their own set of capabilities and interests. Therefore, if a student is sharp in maths, he might not be as good at language. Candidates must assess themselves and ascertain their weak sections. They must spend extra time to strengthen their weak areas. Nevertheless, never stop practising your strong sections because they can get you to fetch more marks, so avoid any overconfidence.  

Set A Timer

Just like all other exams, there will be limited time to solve GRE questions so make sure that you set a timer while preparing. Only take the allocated time, to solve a question. If your question has to be completed in 5 minutes try to finish it off a minute earlier, in this manner, you will also get time at the end to proofread your paper. 

Use Flashcards

This strategy is very effective when you are not able to retain something. There are many flashcard Apps like Magoosh which you can use to create smart flashcards for yourself. Other than vocabulary, they can even be used in quantitative analysis or for remembering any difficult concept or formula. 

Learn From Your Mistakes 

When you practice, you will mark your self but you have to be honest with yourself. Try not to hide your mistakes or give yourself extra time to solve a question because, in a real exam, you will not get even a minute extra. Thus, be true to yourself and learn from your mistakes. Practice your GRe mock tests just like you are sitting in your real exam. 

Read Questions Carefully  

Another important thing is to read carefully, as in the GRE there can be minor changes in questions which can completely make your answer wrong. Read the signs, words and comparisons before jumping straight to the answer. Some silly mistakes in the exam can not only lower your marks but can also be an obstacle in the way of your desired university. 

Get Online Help

Some students feel overwhelmed while preparing for their GRE. It not only causes anxiety and stress but also lowers their focus and productivity. Due to lack of focus, they often ask around if Can I pay someone to take my online class because they do not feel productive enough to take their class. However, proper guidance and a support system can help you to easily ace this exam. You can get expert assistance from Online GRE Class Help where one-on-one coaching will calm your nerves and help you get through for your exam successfully. 


If you are stuck in GRE preparation, look at the challenges which you are facing and try to solve them. Every student will have his own set of problems, therefore, do rigorous practice so that you get to know where you are lacking. Learn from your mistakes and try to avoid them when you take another online GRE practice test. Always try to manage your time even while practising because it will help you in your real exam. Lastly, read every question carefully before rushing towards answering it. 

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