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Features to Find in the Best Attendance Online Management System

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Features of the Best Attendance Online Management System

Simplifying the process of tracking and managing attendance is possible only when you have the best attendance online management system. The system replaces the mundane task of attendance tracking and management with automation. It provides accurate attendance records in visual formats for field managers to assess their employees’ availability, time-offs, breaks, task status, and whereabouts. As the whole process of attendance management is automated, field organizations can simply save time on rectifying manual errors. Consequently, they can focus more on business-driven tasks. Here is more about the attendance management software. Dive deep to learn!

What is an Attendance Online Management System?

An attendance online management system lets field managers stay away from mundane tasks required when manually marking employees’ attendance. It brings a complete package of features like geocoded attendance marking, biometric support, and visual verification that make attendance management a breeze. Using it, managers can seamlessly promote remote, hybrid, or field-related tasks without adding more to their executives’ workloads. Moreover, you will get a proper insight into employees’ attendance data, which helps recognize patterns and underlying consequences of absenteeism.  

Top Features of Attendance Management Software 

  1. Visual Verification

This is one of the best ways you can use to record attendance automatically. Employees after reaching the site click their pictures. They share those pictures consisting of lat, long, and time of the location with the managers. Therein, managers assess those pictures and learn about employees’ availability at work. Significantly, it helps in improving the accuracy and efficiency of attendance functions. To streamline expense management, you can also integrate both attendance and expense management solutions

  1. Geofenced Attendance

While custom-picking the location, managers can create a virtual boundary around the work’s site. Every time employees enter or exit that site, managers receive notifications about it on their devices. This way they acknowledge the starting, ending time, and overall work hours of any employees. Moreover, they can easily ensure that employees are marking attendance where they are supposed to be and avoid fraudulent logins like buddy punching. 

  1. Biometric Support

A good attendance management software not only provides biometric machines but supports biometric apps also. A biometric system scans the unique fingerprints of employees and compares them with the database. Upon recognizing the scanned fingerprints, the system marks an employee present. It does not involve any manual involvement. Also, it lets executives mark their attendance on the go using the biometric app. While getting both these in one place, field managers can ensure accurate attendance marking without disturbing their employees’ workflow.  

  1. Efficient Leave Management

To record executives’ working hours accurately, it is important that your attendance management system also has efficient leave management. It tracks the holidays, time-offs, leaves, breaks, etc., an executive takes on a monthly and yearly basis. Field managers can generate reports on the total leaves used by each executive for further accurate payroll processing. 

While the manual procedure of recording executives’ leaves is time-consuming and tiring, this feature ensures accurate leave and attendance management. Even field executives can apply for leaves, and managers on the same platform can assess and approve those leaves. This facilitates transparency within the organization and lets managers assure the required strength to manage the workflow. 

  1. All-in-One Dashboard

Within the attendance management system, field managers are also provided with an all-in-one dashboard. It provides a holistic view of total team strength, and tasks pending, completed, or in progress with the graphical representation of data. Moreover, by using it, field managers can avoid the need to go through a ton of paper-based records. They can just simply access the software, enjoy this feature, and learn about their team’s strengths in a precise and concrete way. 

  1. Attendance Task Linking

Attendance task linking adds more to the credibility of an attendance online management system. It lets field managers attach tasks with the attendance. That means, just after executives reach the location or complete marking the attendance, the feature unlocks their tasks for the day. Field employees without wasting any further time can seamlessly get their assigned tasks, and thus start working on the same. ‘

  1. Attendance Regularisation 

Many times, executives have to leave office early due to some important personal matters and emergencies. Field managers who are already equipped with various tasks may delay the process of writing about the employee’s completed working hours manually. That’s where it is important to utilize the attendance management system. The system makes it all seamless for both field employees and managers to regularise attendance. Using it field employees can request regularising working hours and field managers can seamlessly acknowledge the request without disturbing their existing work. 

To Sum it Up!

So, this is how an attendance online management system can help field managers in feeding the attendance data. Not only will they get accurate attendance but also use that data to monitor their employees’ total on-duty and working hours. If you are looking for one such software, then ensure to try TrackoField. It brings you closer to accurate attendance marking, seamless expense management, and hassle-free ad-hoc task allocation. How? Here is a complete list of incredible features provided by the software: 

  • Task alerts on the go
  • Ad-hoc order placement
  • Automated expense reimbursement
  • Seamless leave management
  • Hierarchy approval for expense claims
  • Ad-hoc task delegation 
  • Shift scheduling
  • Report generation 

TrackoField’s services expand to various industries, thus it provides everything from field employee monitoring software to MR reporting systems. To learn more about the software and how it can help you improve your field business process, be sure to sign up for a free trial now.

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