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Can Asheville Glass Company Provide Energy-Efficient Glass Solutions?

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Asheville Glass Company

Our time is likely the age where sustainability is a concern for both businesses and homeowners. Thereby, the valuable contribution of glass in building design still holds water. While the transparency of glass offers an aesthetic and luminous look, it considerably increases the amount of heat that enters the structure leading to large heating and cooling bills. Blue Ridge Mountain city, Asheville is the native place of firms dealing with precision glass. Having in mind the environmental sustainability, Asheville concentrates on glass solutions. From these companies, which cater to the different needs and taste of customers, McDowell Glass is the one, among the rest, who are centering their manufacturing process in the consideration of energy efficiency. This article is an examination of if the energy-efficient glass solutions which are offered by Asheville Glass Company, the Asheville-based company, are feasible or not.

Understanding Asheville Glass Company

However, what is energy efficient glass and before we dive into the potentialities of McDowell Glass, we first need to grasp what kind of glass that use less energy. Being able to control the passing heat in the windows is a prime energy-saving option when you deploy energy-efficient glass solutions since such glass does not let a lot of sunlight in so you need to less of heating . For example, during manufacturing, the commonly used technology is the low emission (low-E) coating, double or triple glazing, and the insertion of inert gases between the panes of windows.

A Shinning Light of Innovation

In the middle of Asheville, N.C., McDowell Glass is commonly known for their innovative ways and ecological commitment in the cutting edge glass technology world. Led by the spirit of the company in preceding the ball, there is a particular focus on those technological breakthroughs that relate to energy efficiency. Through the synchronized addressing of research, development, and cooperation with architects and engineers, McDowell glass has taken the lead in offering modern designs for its customers.

Product Offerings

A result of careful research and investment, the Asheville Glass Company differs from competitors, providing a wide range of energy saving products. Ranging from triple and double glazed windows to probably the sun heat control coatings made to measure the specific needs of the projects, there are many advanced products these specialists provide. McDowell Video Works appreciates the idea that energy efficiency is not a one-size-fits-all option and customizes varieties of options for clients to maximize the goal.

Case Studies

If a company wants to determine the effectiveness of McDowell Glass in offering energy efficient solutions, it is incredibly important to conduct field tests in actual scenarios. SEVERAL projects all over Asheville are standing in the place as a proof of the work of the given company. For instance, the addition of the Low-E glass of McDowell in one of the commercial buildings shortened the thermal gain of the building, which led to the reaffirmation of the same that one of his client building’s HVAC usage could be reduced and the energy savings is substantial.

Looking Ahead

Glazing technology that favors energy efficiency has been promoted by Asheville Glass Company, through its longtime business McDowell Glass. The company is dedicated to innovation and is also aware of the need to maintain the sustainability and customer satisfaction standards so as to keep breaking the barriers of sustainable building materials. Moving on to the year 2050, the city of Asheville continues to transition into a state where earth-friendly practices are commonsense. McDowell Glass is thrilled to be part of the city’s path of green evolution and is ready to offer its latest glass solutions to the community.


In short, Asheville Glass Company, McDowell Glass, does have a clear edge over its competitors in the field of energy-efficient glass products manufacturing. By making a line of ICC flox-coming innovative products, working out sustainably, partnering with the community and staying committed to customers satisfaction, McDowell Glass can be the front-runner in energy-efficient glass solutions in Asheville and all over. The demand for sustainable building materials is rising. McDowell Glass stands on the forefront of the solution for turning towards a brighter energy-efficient and environment conscious future.

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