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Boxes and packaging for removals – Removals Specialists

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Have you decided to move and need to packaging the goods for your move abroad? Then I advise you to read this article in which I will explain how to correctly pack your personal items and other goods to avoid damage or inconveniences during transport.

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Each box has its own use

The basic rule for an effective choice of international moving boxes is to allocate them to the specific use for which they were designed. Let’s take an example. To pack clothes, there are boxes called Professional Movers and Packers Dubai, which have a vertical orientation and give the possibility of hanging your clothes. Narrow and long boxes are usually used for transporting bicycles and classic ones are instead intended for storing books or fragile objects. The concept I would like you to think about is the following: each box must have a specific use. This precaution will avoid damage, scratches or unpleasant inconveniences with your goods.

One, two or three waves.

When making an international move you must take into consideration the possible shocks, humidity and pressure to which the box may be subject. In general, having more resistant cardboard available guarantees that the pack goods are safely protect.

There are two ways in which the packaged goods create pressure on the box:

Internal outward pressure exerted by the goods. Resistance to deformation of the box edges. That is, how much the edges remain. The greater the weight and volume of the goods inside the box, the more necessary it will be to use a box that can contain the goods without problems.

Single corrugated boxes, made from a single layer of corrugated cardboard, can withstand a maximum weight of approximately. Double wave boxes, on the other hand, are suitable for Moving Companies Dubai goods weighing. Triple corrugat cartons are intended for very special types of goods shipping. As they are configur as the maximum resistance of goods on the market.

The question to always ask yourself when choosing a box for your international move is the following: how much will the goods I need to transport weigh? Only by knowing this information will you be able to choose the type of box that’s right for you in your international move.

Use suitable filling material

It is not enough just to insert goods into boxes to prepare them for shipping. A fundamental role is played by the filling material that is inserted into the box to prevent impacts. Jolts or movements from damaging the goods. Using bubble wrap expanded polyethylene. Polystyrene is the right solution to pack the goods correctly and avoid any type of problem.

Is this enough to pack your goods.

You now have all the information you need to packaging your goods. But is this enough to become a good packer? Un fortunately not. Meanwhile, finding the right materials for your move is not easy. Often in shops or distribution centers that are on the market it is not uncommon to find poor quality and commercial material.  Saving a few euros in choosing the right cardboard to pack your goods can cost you dearly when moving.

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In fact, the goods could get wet, leak from the cardboard or, at worst, be damaged!

Tip:  Always contact the moving company to choose cartons for your international move. They will recommend the right boxes to pack your goods. Furthermore, having correctly pack the goods in preparation for your International Movers and Packers Dubai

move does not give you a guarantee that the goods will not be damag. The handling and loading of goods operations must be manag by a team of professional. Movers who know how to organize the move and handle the goods to be moved carefully and meticulously.

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