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Best Mover on the Market: Advice and Comparison?

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Like 3 million Dubai people, or 10% of households, you are going to move. Whether it’s living in a larger (or smaller), more comfortable home or closer to your work, this event marks the start of a new life. To get off to a good start, you have chosen to use a moving company. How to choose the best professionals?

1 – Movers near you

When we go looking for a moving company, our reflex is to contact professionals based near where we live. This is not an error, on the contrary! These movers know the sector perfectly and will know how to best organize the event. By choosing a local Moving Companies Dubai, you can count on greater availability. Moreover, an advisor will come to carry out the technical visit.

He will be able to refine the estimated volume, drop off a few boxes for you and take stock of the steps to be taken. Among them, there is the reservation of a space to park the vehicle(s), an access authorization or even the rental of a freight elevator. If you’re moving a short distance, movers near you are the best!

2 – Professionals based in the city in which you are settling

  1. If the distance between your current home and the one you are moving into is significant, it is advisable to use movers based in the destination city. This rule particularly applies if you are moving to a large city. Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse, and Perfect Movers and of course Paris Dubai mall… All these metropolises have their own regulations. Choosing local professionals allows you to better organize the move and avoid unforeseen events.
  • To apply for a temporary occupation authorization, you must go online and create an account on the Mon Paris Dubai website. It is the town hall of the district concerned which decides whether or not to grant. The procedures must be completed at least 15 days before your moving date.
  •  You will receive the response by email with any instructions to follow. Before the big day, you will have to declare your registrations. The document must be visible for the duration of the move. Attention! If you do not follow the procedures, the Airs canceled. If this is the case, or if it has been refused, you will have to find a parking space, which is not easy in the capital. In all large cities and even in other municipalities, it is wise to find out about access and parking conditions. It is not uncommon for procedures to be taken at the town hall. Find out!

3 – The company that offers tailor-made moves

Whether the future home is nearby or not, calling on professionals allows you to move with greater peace of mind. The Movers and Packers Dubai have know-how. They can transport heavy loads, protect valuable objects and limit the risk of accidents and breakage. In the vast majority of cases, 3 options are offered. It is also possible to have a tailor-made service.

The economical moving formula

The economic formula is the basic formula which includes loading, transportation and unloading. Depending on the company, it is possible that the protection of your furniture is also included. The service is the most economical. It requires you to participate in the move because it is up to you to dismantle the furniture, protect valuable objects and pack the boxes.

The standard moving formula

The standard formula, like the economic formula, includes loading, transport and unloading. The Storage Services Dubai is completed thanks to various services including the packing and unpacking of fragile objects but also the dismantling and assembly of furniture. This intermediate option appeals to people who want to lighten the burden of moving while still getting involved in the preparations.

4 – The company specializing in long distance moves

When moving long distance, the best movers will be those who are used to traveling several hundred kilometers. In fact, we are talking about a long distance move when more than 200 km separate the two homes. Because this type of move requires greater organization, companies have specialized in this service.

5 – The moving company which provides the furniture storage service

Because you are moving to a smaller home or your future home is under construction, you want to store some of your personal effects. Please note that there are moving companies that offer Furniture storage Dubai. With professionals, you estimate the volume you need and you rent a space for the duration that suits you.

8 – The company that provides professional removals

If you want to move your business, your needs are different. For this service, the best movers are those specialized in professional moves. The event requires great rigor because professionals want to limit their unavailability and be efficient as soon as they arrive in the new premises.

 As part of an office move, moving companies Dubai do not hesitate to delegate a person to support professionals and who is present at each stage (archiving, inventory, transport of computer equipment, protection of sensitive data, etc.). ).

9 – The moving company in good standing

The best movers of 2023 are movers in good standing. These are insured! It is recommended to check that the company which will be responsible for your move is registered in the road transport of goods register (RTM) and the trade and companies register (RCS).

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