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An Expert’s Guide to Buying Cricket Bats

by UrgentRCM
MRF Cricket Bats

Today, a cricket bat is more than just playing equipment. It’s a beautiful experience and a memory for millions of fans across the globe. That’s why every cricket fan, whether a seasoned expert or a hobbyist, owns at least one cricket bat.

Are you also planning to buy a cricket bat? — for yourself or someone else. If so, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You can’t simply go by the look or the brand, such as MRF cricket bats. There’s quite a detailed checklist to refer to while buying a cricket bat. Here is a guide that dives deep into each point on that checklist. Bookmark this post and refer back when you are shopping. 

Let’s start with the most important one.

1. Price Range

Most of the time, people check the price of a bat at the end of the process. But it wastes your time and effort if it’s not in your budget, bringing you back to square one. So, start with setting a price limit and narrowing down your choices. Communicate this to the salesperson at the outset, and if it’s a cricket store online, you can set the price range in the filters section. 

Doing this will keep your expectations grounded and help you find the right cricket bat in less time than you expect. 

2. Shape of the Bat

Bats are available in a wide range of sizes. From the blade size to the edges, you can design your bat however you want. FYI, here are a few aspects that create the shape of a bat:

  • The blade size
  • The handle size
  • The sweet spot
  • Edges
  • Scallops

Each of these attributes has a different importance for a player with respect to their batting style. For example, if you are a backfoot player, a mid-to-high sweet spot makes the right fit. Similarly, a mid-to-low sweet spot is perfect for front-foot players. 

3. Pickup of the Bat

The general norm is that the massive profile and lightweight cricket bats are incredible for hitting the ball farther with great speed. So, most players seek after these bats. However, this may not be the case every time. 

The reason is that the massive profile is more of a feature in heavy-weight cricket bats. Thus, it cannot be handled by everyone. Your height and strength play a key role in finding a bat with the right pickup. 

This isn’t something that others can tell you. You have to ask yourself, What feels right for me? Try holding different bats and see how it feels in your hand. 

4. Willow Grade Difference

Primarily, you have two types of willows — English and Kashmir. English Willow is much preferred by the players because of its better durability and reliability. Each of these two willows comes in five different grades, which tell you about the age or maturity of the wood used (the cleft). It is conveyed essentially through grains, which are the straight lines on the blade. These lines suggest the years of the willow tree used in the making of the bat. 

Here’s what each grade means:

  • Grade 1: Seven to eight straight grains and almost no blemishes.
  • Grade 2: Six to seven straight grains and minor blemishes. 
  • Grade 3: Five to six straight grains and have more noticeable blemishes. 
  • Grade 4: Four to five straight grains and may have more visible blemishes.
  • Grade 5: Three to four straight grains and more pronounced blemishes.

4. Cricket Bat Size

If you choose a bat that is too heavy or too light for your build, it can adversely affect your performance in the match. That’s why players must pay attention to the size of their bat. The trick is to match the bat with your height. You can also look up the height-size chart on a cricket store online or on Google. 

Generally, the sizes are distinguished in two ways. For juniors, the sizes range from 0 to 6, whereas for adults, you have Harrow, Short Handle, and Long Handle. So, checking the player’s age is important to find the right bat size. 

5. Handle Type

It is also essential to check a bat’s handle type before buying. Handles account for the control over the bats, strokes, and, ultimately, the game. The trade-off here has to be between a round handle and an oval one. 

Round handles provide a firm grip that power hitters need and oval handles offer great strength and directional control. Therefore, this aspect deserves some attention during your shopping. 

6. Brand Reputation

Last but not least, the reputation of the brand also matters. For example, we all know how popular MRF cricket bats are among cricket players and watchers. Established brands with a history of producing high-quality bats are more likely to deliver reliable products. 

So, research customer reviews, consult with experienced players, and consider the brand’s reputation.

Final Message:

Season Sports is a reliable cricket store online with a wide range of cricket equipment, whether it’s bats, balls, or batting pads. Visit their website and browse to see if you like their collection, from SS to MRF cricket bats. 

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