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A Heart-Touching Poem on Republic Day in Hindi

by UrgentRCM
heart touching poem on republic day in hindi

Republic Day, a celebration so grand, In the heart of every Indian, a love so grand.

Bharat Mata’s glory, unfurls in the wind, A tapestry of diversity, unity within.

On this sacred day, let the tricolor sway, A symphony of freedom, in every display.

In the echoes of history, a tale is told, Of struggles untold, of sacrifices bold.

Heartbeats sync with the patriotic tune, As the anthem resonates, beneath the moon.

Oh, the spirit of the tricolor, so divine, In every saffron hue, a sacrifice does shine.

White, the canvas of peace, pristine and pure, In the green, the hope of a future secure.

Majestic echoes of Jana Gana Mana, A melody that unites, as only it can.

The constitution, our guiding light, In its pages, justice takes its flight.

As the parade marches, and the flags unfurl, A celebration of the world’s largest democracy swirls.

From the Himalayas to the oceans wide, In unity, we stand, with unwavering pride.

Let this day be a reminder profound, Of the freedom we cherish, on sacred ground.

Oh, the heart of India, pulsating strong, A republic’s anthem, a soul-stirring song.

In the heart of every citizen, a pledge anew, To uphold the values, so pure and true.

As the sun sets on this Republic Day, Let gratitude blossom, in every way.

For the heroes who fought, and those who lead, In the heart of every Indian, this love we breed.

Republic Day, a celebration so grand, In the heart of every Indian, a love so grand.

In the tapestry of time, a nation is woven, A story of resilience, through battles, unbroken.

On this Republic Day, let’s bow with grace, To the leaders and visionaries, who carved our space.

In the echoes of the past, the struggle echoes, A journey of freedom, where courage grows.

The tricolor waves, a symbol so divine, In its shades, a promise to forever shine.

Saffron, the color of sacrifice and courage, In the heart of every citizen, it encourages.

White, the canvas of peace, a tranquil hue, In its embrace, dreams old and new.

Green, the color of prosperity and growth, In unity, we stand, taking a solemn oath.

As the parade marches, in precision and might, A display of strength, under the sun so bright.

The dance of culture, the rhythm of tradition, In every step, a celebration of our mission.

Jai Hind on every lip, a mantra we chant, In the unity of diversity, our strength is gauged.

Constitution in hand, a beacon so bright, Guiding our nation, through day and night.

In the heart of every child, a dream takes flight, A dream of progress, equality, and light.

Oh, Republic Day, a moment so grand, In the heart of every Indian, a love so grand.

From the mountains to the oceans, wide and vast, Our unity, our strength, forever shall last.

Let the spirit of patriotism never fade away, In the heart of India, forever to stay.

So, on this day of pride, let our spirits soar, A heart-touching poem, for India, we adore.

Under the vast expanse of the sky so blue, Republic Day whispers tales both old and new.

In the corridors of history, footsteps resound, Of leaders who with wisdom, the nation crowned.

In the heart of the people, a flame aglow, A love for the nation, like a river’s gentle flow.

The tricolor unfurls, a beacon of might, In its folds, the dreams of a nation take flight.

Saffron, the flame of sacrifice burning bright, In its warmth, the spirit of the fight.

White, a canvas where peace finds its place, In its serenity, echoes of unity trace.

Green, the color of abundance and grace, In its embrace, a diverse nation finds its space.

As the parade marches with rhythmic beats, A celebration of victories, history repeats.

Soldiers stand tall, their heads held high, Guardians of freedom, beneath the open sky.

Cultural tableau, a kaleidoscope so vast, A reflection of traditions that forever last.

Jana Gana Mana, an anthem in the air, A melody that binds, with love and care.

Constitution in hand, a guide so true, In its principles, a promise to pursue.

Republic Day, a chapter in our tale, Of a nation’s progress, a ship setting sail.

So, on this day of pride, let joy cascade, In the heart of every Indian, a promise made.

To uphold the values that make us strong, In unity, diversity, we forever belong.

Oh, Republic Day, a symphony of pride, In the heart of every citizen, forever to reside.

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