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8 Surprising Things You Can Clean with Soft Washing

by UrgentRCM
Soft washing

When it comes to cleaning methods, soft washing emerges as a highly advantageous and efficient approach, particularly for delicate surfaces. Often associated with external areas such as decks, roofs, and siding, the scope of its benefits extends far beyond conventional boundaries. Serving as a gentler alternative to pressure washing, soft washing harnesses the power of low-pressure water combined with specialized cleaning agents to effectively eliminate stains, dirt, and grime without causing any damage to the surface being cleaned. This technique boasts remarkable versatility, delivering impressive results both indoors and outdoors across a wide range of surfaces. From household items to outdoor structures, soft washing in Orlando, FL, proves its effectiveness in rejuvenating various objects. Here, we unveil eight surprising items that stand to benefit from the gentle yet powerful cleaning prowess of soft washing, underscoring its versatility and adaptability in achieving outstanding cleaning results.

Outdoor Furniture:

Due to constant exposure to the weather, the dirt, pollen, and other material that collects on your outdoor furniture ruins its beauty and comfort. Soft washing is a solution that effectively and delicately cleans a variety of materials, including plastic, wicker, metal, and wood. Cleaning may bring your patio chairs, tables, and umbrellas back to life, improving their appearance and durability.


Kids’ playthings, such as swings, slides, and jungle gyms, sometimes take a beating from outside play and end up covered in mould, mildew, and dirt. Soft washing offers a comprehensive and safe cleaning solution to keep these constructions fun and hygienic for kids. Regularly applying gentle cleaning to play equipment not only preserves its cleanliness but also helps to reduce the health risks linked with mould and mildew.

Garden Statues and Decorations:

Although they give outdoor areas personality and charm, garden statues and decorations may become unattractive when they become dirty. Soft washing is a delicate yet efficient method for bringing these ornamental pieces back to life. Gentle cleaning cleans debris and accumulation without harming ceramic figurines or stone sculptures, restoring the shine to your landscape.

Window screens:

As dust, pollen, and bug residue gather over time, window screens impede ventilation and restrict views. Conventional cleaning techniques could find it challenging to get through the small mesh, but soft washing offers an alternative by gently pushing and washing away impurities. Enjoy better indoor air quality and crisper sights by adding window screen cleaning to your gentle washing regimen.

Outdoor Rugs:

Although prone to mildew, stains, and grime, outdoor rugs provide warmth and beauty to patios, decks, and porches. A helpful way to keep these carpets clean is to give them a gentle wash, which removes dirt and filth from the fibres without harming them. Whether your outdoor rug is composed of natural fibers like sisal, jute, or synthetic materials, a gentle cleaning may restore its beauty and lengthen its life.

Garage Doors:

Frequently disregarded when it comes to cleaning, garage doors can gather dust, pollen, and residue from exhaust, which can lower the curb appeal of your house. Garage doors may be cleaned safely and effectively with soft washing, removing surface dirt and bringing back the shine. Whether the material of your garage door is wood, vinyl, steel, or aluminium, gentle cleaning may help keep it looking good and working correctly.

Awning Fabric:

Although awnings offer shelter from the sun and cover from the elements, they can accumulate dirt, mould, and mildew, especially in humid areas. Awning fabric may be thoroughly cleaned with soft washing, removing stains and discolorations from the fabric without causing harm. Increase these outdoor structures’ longevity and aesthetic appeal by adding awning cleaning to your gentle washing routine.

Gutters and downspouts:

These elements are essential for diverting rainfall away from your house, so averting foundation problems and water damage. But with time, they can fill up with leaves, debris, and silt, hindering water flow and reducing their usefulness. Soft washing is a practical way to clear collected dirt from gutters and downspouts and restore appropriate drainage. You may prevent water damage and preserve your home’s structural integrity by including gutter cleaning in your soft washing regimen.

To sum up

Soft washing provides a flexible and efficient cleaning option for various outdoor and indoor surfaces. From gutters to garage doors, window screens to outdoor furniture, this mild yet effective technique may extend the life of surfaces. As you maintain the integrity of your property, you may take pleasure in cleaner, more beautiful surroundings by including gentle washing into your regular cleaning regimen.

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