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7 Reasons to Do Desert Safari in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is famous for two major things. The first one is the Forts and Palaces, and the second one is the Deserts. These deserts are not lifeless. Instead, they fill the travellers with exciting energy by offering the Desert Safari. The Rajasthan Desert Safari is widely known for its numerous activities. You might take an entire day to complete the Desert Safari but every single moment of the Safari is worth it. This is the reason why every traveller to Rajasthan must opt for it.

But before that, you must opt for the best Rajasthan Tour packages that offer the Desert Safari as a part of its itinerary. In this case, LIH travel packages for the Rajasthan tour are the best. So, go for the LIH and know why you must go to Desert Safari in Rajasthan in the below paragraphs.

Enjoy Camel Safari in Rajasthan Deserts

Camel Safari in the Rajasthan Deserts is something that every traveller has dreamt of. If you have opted for a Desert Safari, the first thing you will get for sure is the decorated camels waiting to give you a ride. After enjoying the other activities, you can go for a camel ride in the evening to watch the sunset. The sunset view from the back of the camel will seem mesmerizing to you, so ask someone to click your picture with the sunset in the background.

Go for Parasailing

If you are very close to the thought of flying but not so high, then Paraasiling is your part of the job. In Parasailing, You are attached to a parachute, which is, in turn, attached to an SUV or any other four-wheeler vehicle, which will pull you while you are in the air flying like a bird. People who fear paragliding but still want to enjoy the fun can opt for this engaging activity. The Parasailing will be included in your desert Safari package, and you can also ask them to add it to your activities list.

Bash the Dunes in Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is one of the most exciting activities at Desert Safari. You will get the chance to go through the high and low Dunes in an SUV. This will be like a long trip to the Desert. The drive will be full of amusement. You can ask the driver to increase and decrease the car’s speed as per your requirements. It is one of the essential activities of Desert Safari in Rajasthan, without which none of the Desert Safari Plan is executed.

Go For Quad Biking

Quad Biking is another activity included in your entire Desert Safari package. In quad biking, you are the one who gets the chance to drive and enjoy the ups and downs of the Desert dunes. All the controls of the Bike remain in your hand. Either you can go fast, or you can go slow. That all depends upon you. But the feeling that you get while riding a Quad Bike is posh. You feel as if you are the hero or the primary character of the ongoing movie. Get some pictures of yourself clicked while you show some stunts in the Quad Biking.

Get the Chance to Camp in the Deserts of Rajasthan

Desert Camping is another great reason for opting for the Desert Safari. Many agencies offer you full Desert staying packages and the Desert Safari. In such packages, one can enjoy the activities in the Deserts, and at the end of the day, one can enjoy the luxury of life in the Desert Camps. The night bonfire with Rajasthani folk songs is something that you will always adore. For this experience, the Desert safari is worth it. Your day will match the energy level flowing in your body. In the starting, you be at the peak of activities; by night, you become a soulful creature with peaceful bonfire nights.

In The End, Enjoy the BBQ Dinner With Cultural Events

Desert Safari is mainly offered with several other activities that you can enjoy only in the deserts of Rajasthan. This package BBQ dinner with some cultural programs is also a significant part. So, if you are delighted with the Rajasthani cuisine and want to enjoy it along with the Rajasthani Folk songs and dances, then the best option is to go for a Desert Safari. As per the full Desert Safari Itinerary, you will enjoy the adventurous activities for the whole day. You can enjoy the delicious BBQ food that will include authentic Rajasthani Food.

Witness the Sunrise and Sunset in Rajasthan Deserts

During the sunset and the Sunrise, the Deserts of Rajasthan appear to be in true Golden colours. It seems as if the entire Desert is made of Gold. So, whenever you plan the Desert Safari, make sure you get up early and arrive a bit earlier to observe the beautiful Sunrise. During the sunset, you will be there in the Desert. You can enjoy the camel ride and watch the giant sun going down with reddish-golden light falling on the Desert. The Sunrise and the sunset you will see in the Deserts can hardly be seen in any other place. This is why the Desert Safari is so famous, and one must opt for it.


Therefore, opting for a single Desert Safari in Rajasthan can make you enjoy these many things. This is why one must opt for the Desert Safari on their Rajasthan Trip. The deserts of Rajasthan are meant for these fun activities. So you must first opt for a lovely Rajasthan Tour Package from LIH Travels and start your exciting activities such as Desert Safari. LIH offers you packages that include the Desert Safari in the different Deserts of Rajasthan. It also covers all the other activities that one can enjoy at the Desert Safri, like camel safari, dune bashing, dinner, cultural shows, etc. So, opt for the Rajasthan Tour packages from LIH to enjoy the best desert safari experience.

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