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10 Reasons Why There is Instability in the Energy Sector of the UK?

by UrgentRCM

Looking back at past events, the energy sector of the UK has always been dependent on various factors. Global policies, geographical limitations, climate change, and economic conditions are of prime importance in deciding the future of the energy sector. By developing a road map for the gas and electricity suppliers for small businesses to follow.

Fossil fuels are on the verge of being removed from the energy sector because of the implementation of global policies. To meet the energy requirements nuclear energy is also on the rise. The zero carbon policy made an impact and contributed to the development of green energy among every energy supplier. Adaptation of green energy can benefit every supplier to be the cheapest gas supplier in UK. The tilt of the energy sector is towards renewable energy sources and fossil fuels might start to be an obsolete source in the future. 

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Here are the 10 Reasons for Instability in the Energy Sector of UK

Global Policies

The shift and implementation of new global policies can set the direction for the future of the energy sector. The policies are set under the mutual agreement of official representatives from different governments that align with their nation’s interests. This can define new interests for the investors and set new benchmarks to achieve for the gas and electricity suppliers for small businesses and homes.

Climate Change

Extreme weather events and changes in climate due to global warming have made decision-makers all over the world reconsider their methods of damaging the environment. These changes are affecting and reshaping the infrastructure of energy supply to preserve the environment.

The solar growth slowdown will begin 

There is a prominent rise expected in the growth of global solar capacity in the next 10 years. The pace of growth might hit a slow phase at the end of this year due to the fluctuation in prices.

If you are a small business energy supplier, then relying on solar energy can be a valid source. But if you are dealing with large businesses then the solar situation of UK will not be the right fit for now. 

Tackling Carbon Emissions

Carbon emission has been highlighted as a global enemy for the survival of the planet. The energy sector is the top contributor to the carbon emission category. The electricity suppliers for business in the UK relying on fossil fuels have a little contribution to global carbon emissions. 

Sooner or later every energy supplier in UK will have to change their approach under the zero carbon policy. Finding and switching to renewable sources for energy generation instead of fossil fuels is a viable option for saving the environment. 

Investment Choices

The energy sector has always been a good investment for investors because of it being a utility segment. With the ongoing global events and policies, the shift from conventional fossil fuel methods of energy generation to renewable energy can be a tricky time for investments. 

New investors can see their future in the business energy supply of UK. The Government has announced a 10-year relief plan for all the existing investors in fossil fuel to save them from losses.

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Adapting Energy Technologies to Mainstream

New technological advancements can increase the efficiency of domestic and commercial energy suppliers. These new technologies can create many new opportunities in the industry and can develop a sense of ease on both ends i.e. the supplier as well as the consumer. The setback in adopting these new technologies is the cost factor along with the training needed for the optimized usage. The restructuring of the infrastructure for implementing these technologies can also be a factor of hesitation for the best energy supplier in UK.

Depletion of Fossil Fuel Resources

Fossil fuels commonly used are gas, oil, and coal. They are majorly responsible for carbon emissions and pushing the planet ahead in global warming. They come from the resources found in nature but are not replenished causing a crisis of sources for the electricity and gas supplier in UK. This led to exploring new energy sources and a high time to turn towards renewable energy. Renewable energy sources are more likely to replace fossil fuels in the future because of their replenishment in nature and no carbon emissions.

Aging Infrastructure

The energy infrastructure of the UK is old. Some power stations and distribution networks are not well maintained which can cause disruptions in reliable energy supplies and cause a price hike. Making it difficult even for the energy suppliers to offer affordable rates on the consumer’s bills.

Dependency on Imports

The country is not rich in resources in the matter of fossil fuels. Due to this dependency on imported resources for energy generation has been of great importance. But this is not a long-term solution for any large or small energy supplier in the UK. In the past, it has been experienced that global events can impact the supply of resources from other regions and can result in a ban which can create an energy crisis. The crisis panics the market and suppliers are bound to increase the costs. Main reason to fulfill the demand and supply resorting to other available sources.

Discouragement of Nuclear Power

Nuclear is one of the oldest sources of energy after fossil fuels. Nuclear is a reliable yet controversial source of energy generation because of the disliking of the people. It is an efficient source with zero carbon footprint but many people globally oppose nuclear energy because of its long-lasting effects. This terminates the possibilities of expansion of nuclear plants in the country. It also discourages its by-products that are difficult to dispose of.

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Large and small business energy supplier in UK seemed to be dependent on fossil fuels for their energy generation. Now global policies have discouraged the use of fossil fuels to save the environment. This can cause instability in the sector if not managed with proper guidelines.

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